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Shows a single bomb load for operation. Details distributor, preselection and false height settings as well as Window, timings and bombing height. On the reverse bombing tactics and marking as well as instructions and notification of friendly troops…

Target photograph of Hopsten airfield. The lower right side is obscured by cloud or explosions. The left side of the image has been damaged. Captioned '5B.5B 66 WKY 16/17.9.44//NT 8" C 15000 [arrow] 120° 23.25 1/2 Hobsten [sic] Airfield J 20x500 27…

Memorandum items addresses of friends and acquaintances, mentions many days/evenings out and what sort of time he had in Belfast, Lincoln, Gainsborough and many others. Mentions various journeys and postings, lists birthdays. Jots down daily…

Number 173-30. Reports on recently arrived letters and writes of his admiration of her energy in building up their new home. Comments on her visit to Devon. Despite war news he is miserable as a prisoner of war despite others optimism that war will…

Rex's membership card for the Sergeant's Mess at Eastmoor.
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