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Target photograph of Bois de Cassan. Red dot lower centre. River Oise, bomb craters, roads and field patterns all visible. Partially obscured by bomb explosions, smoke and dust. Captioned '3°F', '5B', '1877 SKELL.6.8.44.// 8" 14000 [arrow] 136°…

Lists crews and aircraft for possible operations on 6 August 1944. Fourth member of each crew is underlined and most annotated with 'X' alongside. Includes one standby crew. Two crews are detailed for x-country training flights on night 5 August…

Shows two bomb loads for three and eight/three aircraft. Details distributor and preselection settings. Annotated alongside '59's MC 44s and 65 USA 500 lb'. Shows false height settings, Window, weights, timings and bombing heights.

Target photograph of Bois de Cassan. Both banks of river Oise visible, rural area. Red dot left of centre, much of photograph obscured by smoke and dust, but roads and field patterns clearly visible. Captioned '3°F', '5B', '1862 SKELL.6.8.44.// 8"…

The log book covers the training and operational career of bomb aimer Peter Bellingham from 10 March 1943 to 21 February 1946. After training in South Africa he flew Halifaxes and Stirlings with 138 Squadron, taking part in 30 night operations over…
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