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Map showing south east England and northern France with pencilled route from Lincoln area to a target north of Paris. Annotated top left 'Op No. 25, 3/8/44'. On the reverse 'Op 25, (3/8/44), Trossy'.

Details of squadron, aircraft, captain, navigator, date, orders, route and two pages of en-route navigation observations. annotated with blue pen. Note on top right 'Op No 25'.

In a prison cell, a man covered in blood and chained to the wall is being tortured by three fascists in military uniform. Irons are being heated up in a brazier in the centre of the room. Bloody hand-prints are visible on the walls amongst…

Writes enclosing the Flying Log Book of Sergeant J R Davies and includes typed ‘Certificate of Death of Sgt John Richard Davies who lost his life on 3 August 1944.'

List crews and aircraft for operations on 3 August 1944. Includes three standby crews and briefing times.

The notes indicate the bomb distribution in the bomb bay, the total weight of the bomb load, the all up weight of the aircraft, height of the bombing, forecast winds and heading and target indicator colours.
Aircraft code 'G'.
On the reverse are…

Donald Briggs served as a flight engineer with 156 Squadron Pathfinders flying Lancasters from RAF Upwood between 27 May 1944 and 31 March 1945. The incomplete log book includes 62 daylight and night time operations to French, German, Dutch and…

Target photograph of Trossy St Maximin. Both banks of the river Oise visible although partially obscured by smoke or cloud, red dot just right of centre. Very many craters. Captioned '3°F', '5B', '1652 SKELL.3.8.44// 8" 18000' [arrow] 230° 1432…

Target photograph of Trossy St Maximin. Red dot just left and higher than centre. Rural area, river Oise running across photograph, some smoke and dust, many craters. Captioned '3°F', '5B', '1723 SKELL.3.8.44.// 8" 17500' [arrow] 239° 1432…

Target photograph of Trossy St Maximin. Majority of photograph obscured by smoke and dust, in area not obscured roads, woods and field boundaries clearly visible. Two Lancasters flying below also visible. Captioned '3°F', '4B', '1681 SKELL.3.8.44.//…

Target photograph of Trossy St Maximin. Partially obscured by cloud, smoke and dust. Runway intersection and many bomb craters clearly visible. Also visible are bomb explosions, roads, woods, field boundaries and a Lancaster flying below. Captioned…

Target photograph of Trossy St Maximin. Red dot left of centre. Three Lancasters flying below. River Oise bottom right. Partially obscured by cloud smoke and dust but bomb explosions, bomb craters roads and field patterns visible. Captioned '3°F',…

Vertical aerial photograph over Trossy St Maximin. The top and bottom sections are largely obscured by cloud and bomb explosions. Two Lancasters are visible, one directly below and one diving away in the bottom left corner of the…

Flying log book for Ronald Bailey, flight engineer, covering the period from 5 May 1944 to 26 October 1946. Detailing his flying training operations flown and post war flying. He was stationed at RAF Wombelton, RAF Tholthorpe, RAF Lissett, RAF…
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