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Writes of rush of people enquiring whether they could rent rooms in their house but turned them down as she decided that expectant mothers had priority. Writes of her sister's recent visit and other domestic activities. Mentions plans to get piano…

Number 151-8. Reports arrival of 4 letters and all the news about new home and provides much advice on gramophone and financial issues. Mentions health issues and wishes for the end of winter.

Pilot’s flying log book for Flight Lieutenant John Chatterton 30 March 1942 to 15 April 1954 detailing training schedule, instructional duties and operations flown. Served at RAF Dunholme Lodge, RAF Syerston, RAF East Kirkby and RAF Swinderby.…

Tito Samorè recollects wartime memories in Milan, when he was a member of the Balilla youth organisation. Remembers the outbreak of war and its announcement on the radio. Describes the first bombing of Milan in 1940, stressing how the wooden…
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