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Bill Siddle's time in the RAF pieced together by research. He was a pilot who flew the Lancaster with 9 and 83 Squadrons. He was commissioned in 1944, was awarded the DFC and Bar and completed more than 60 operations. He left the service in 1946 and…

Top - extract from Ned Sparkes's log book dates from 2 November 1943 to 29 December1943 showing operations to Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Frankfurt and Berlin.
Below left - descriptions of the four operations giving numbers and types of aircraft used,…

He apologises for hot having written sooner. Bessie, his sister, is about to get married and he is not happy about that. He describes a little about his training.

Reports that mail situation was poor and he had not received any letters lately. Wished that he could have come home and seen them rather than staying in Canada. Writes that things were much the same there, flying, lectures and other duties. Mentions…

From FCST RAF Aston Down requesting Cheshire to give lecture between 26 November and 1 December. Handwritten note 'Refused by letter - until further notice, 24-11-43.
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