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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1943-10-15"

Writes that it would probably better for him to stay where he was which he was now enjoying. He says was likely to remain there for the duration and the situation was generally good with plenty of leave and good trains. Catches up with news of…

Note from his niece which gives outline of operation to Berlin on 2 January 1944. Mentions that Missing Research and Enquiry Service contacted his parents with news that his remains had been found and he and rest of crew were buried in the village of…

The first letter is from the Air Ministry and is in response to a request to return her husband's bicycle.
The second letter is a reply to a request to send a last letter from her husband.

A group of 30 trainees arranged in three rows in front of a wooden hut. There is a caption at the bottom of the image with the names of each individual and 'M N O'. On the reverse are the signatures of each man and a stamp 'RAF Evanton Crown…

Number 73-130. Writes that he has given her power of attorney and post office withdrawal form sent via Red Cross. Discusses financial issues. Mention that he received music and reports issues with his violin.
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