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He writes of night flying duties, returning to operations, social activities and domestic arrangements.

He writes about his law exams, night flying, returning to operational flying and of social activities and domestic details.

He writes of the loss of 60 B-17s, the new chief flying instructor and about returning to operations.

He writes about his social life.

He writes about flying duties and social activities.

He writes of flying duties, his colleagues, domestic details, the weather and issues with his electric fire.

He writes of their finances, moving to a new billet, flying duties and domestic details.

He writes from Farnworth and writes of his social activities and of a house for rent.

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He writes of moving into a new billet, his colleagues, the weather and the lack of flying due to the bad weather.

He writes of looking for accommodation in Manchester, his flying duties and social activity and the weather. He discusses an electric heater he has purchased and his bank balance.

He writes of the social activities at RAF Cark, domestic arrangements and expected timelines for postings.

Letter from Air Ministry Casualties Board to Mrs E. Milling informing her that all efforts to trace her husband Sergeant Edward Milling had been unsuccessful and that there was now little hope of his being alive.

Letter of condolence to Mrs Milling whose husband had been reported as missing during an operation over enemy territory.

Sergeant Edward Milling's wife has been informed that his husband is believed to have been killed over Germany. Details of his peacetime employment are provided.
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