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Number 69-125. Reports arrival of letter and thrilled to hear of her efforts. Mentions receiving music and condition of violin. Unsure why she is not getting all his letters.

A propaganda leaflet, G79, dropped in Germany. Extra edition with Churchill discussing the war.

Photograph 1 is of the port side of a Boston, 'BZ331', 'D' captioned 'Boston A/C 88 Sqd with its 'War Paint' ready for the invasion, May 1944.'

Photograph 2 is of a group of airmen arranged in five rows in front of a Boston, 'D'. Captioned '88…

Anna Maria Serafini recalls her teenage life in Bologna as the fiancée of Luigi Pasetti, a civilian pilot later enlisted as torpedo bomber pilot. Describes how she got married and mentions Italian First World War pilot, Ferruccio Ranza, who acted as…
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