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He has had mail and a cigarette parcel.

Pilot’s flying log book for Flight Sergeant Herbert Ashton Clark from 8 March 1937 to 20 August 1956. Detailing operational posting in Iraq with 70 Squadron. On return to England further training with 215 Squadron. Conversion to the Wellington at…

Number 48. Writes that they should depart for new camp on or before 10 June. Notes that letters should be addressed to Stalag Luft VI but parcels still to Stalag Luft 3. Says he is looking forward to change as he has been outside camp only once.…

Photograph 1 is of the operations board for 76 Squadron.
Photograph 2 is of the operations board for 78 Squadron.
They are captioned: 'Operations Board, Target Cologne Germany, June 1942. 76 Squadron, 78 Squadron, Halifax A/C. R.A.F. Middleton St.…
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