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Jack Whalley’s Royal Air Force Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book from 9th July 1941 until 10th October 1952. Initial training at No. 9 Air Observers School as an air observer, navigator, air gunner and bomb aimer. Further training as…

Alan thanks his parents for the cake, shoes and pen. No pencils arrived and he asks for them. He asks his parents to thank family and friends for the gifts they sent. He thinks he will spend another six weeks at his present station whilst taking a…

G A Hubbard’s Flying Log Book as Air Gunner and Wireless Operator from 2 October 1941 until 17 June 1946. Initial training at No. 2 Wireless School, RCAF Calgary and No. 5 Bombing and Gunnery School, RCAF Dafoe. Further training at 24 Operational…

He says he can be as rude as he likes because he is 4000 miles away. The weather is getting warmer but he expects to be there for another two weeks. He has been to a dance which he enjoyed.

Part 2. Catches up with family news. Says he is having a good time there even with exams. Mentions being guest at locals house and describes some activities.


Part 1. Writes that his lack of letters is due to studying hard for exams and says what will happen when they are completed. Says he has not had much mail from home either and suggest they use airgrams which are faster. Catches up with gossip.


Slip of paper with notes '15.3.43 to [sic] Part 1 and 2, North Africa, Italy, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Corsica'

Peter Lamprey starts with some friendly banter and comments that weather has curtailed flying. He notes that there are now many Australians and Canadians on base. He goes on to say he was glad that the rumour of a bomb hitting his previous place of…
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