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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1943-03"

Details of nine operations carried out between February and May 1943 from RAF Elvington on 77 Squadron flying Halifax. Targets include Cologne, Berlin and several in the Ruhr.

Richard Suchenwirth recalls his wartime memories as a Flakhelfer in Pasing, a district of Munich. He tells of his father who was the author of three books on the Luftwaffe, the founder of the Austrian Nazi Party, a political orator and initial…

One man in a dressing gown. One man in a 'bald' wig being held by a policeman and a man in a dark suit. One man is sitting on the sofa with a standing man behind him with his hand on the other man's shoulder. The painted backdrop has a painting,…

One man lying on the sofa with two men looking on. One man dressed as a woman wearing a dressing gown. One man wearing a dressing gown attacking a man dressed as a woman. She is also wearing a dressing gown. He has a large spear and it is raised…

One man lying on a sofa with a second man partly on top of him. Behind are tables, chairs, standard lamp and a painted backdrop with windows and a painting.

Two men and three men dressed as women. Two are on the sofa, a woman is sitting at the desk and a man and woman are standing. The desk has a small lamp, there are two or three small tables. The painted backdrop depicts a door, two paintings, a…

A man dressed as a woman is sitting on a sofa. A man is lying across the sofa with his head resting on a cushion on the woman's lap. There are small tables on both sides of the sofa. There is a painted backdrop of a window with an outside view,…

A man and a man dressed as a woman stand closely together. She is wearing a long dress. Behind is the desk with a lamp and a small table with a decanter. The painted backdrop has a door, a window and a painting.

A man dressed as a woman jockey sits on the arm of a sofa. A man leans towards her talking watched by man dressed as a woman. There is a small table with a decanter. A desk with a lamp. The painted backdrop has a bookcase, french doors and a view…

Ten actors including a bride, groom and a vicar standing in a line centre stage. 10 bridesmaids are sitting on the knees of 10 men. All the female roles are played by men dressed as women. The backdrop is abstract paintings.

Men dressed as bride and groom. On their left 12 men in evening dress. On their right 10 men dressed as bridesmaids holding floral bouquets.Backdrops are abstract paintings.

Man and man dressed as a woman surrounded by 11 men dressed in top hats and tails, carrying canes. The female character is wearing a mid length skirt and a fur top. He is wearing a raincoat. Behind is an abstract painting of London.

One man holding the hands of two men dressed as women. They wear long dresses and are holding out the hems of their long dresses. He is wearing an evening suit with a white bow tie. The backdrop is a curtain.

Five men working on the stage. One man is lying down one is partly up a set of portable stairs, one is carrying a plank. Two are looking off stage. They are watched by a man dressed for the play and a man dressed as a woman. The backdrop is the back…

Two men dressed as a bride and groom on stage. They are linking arms and the bride has a floral bouquet.

Four actors are seated on a bench, four are on seats and five are seated on the stage. The group is mostly men dressed as women. Behind is a backdrop of a a garden.

Three men, two dressed as women holding hands. The man is wearing a white dinner jacket and bow tie. The female characters wear long dresses and are holding the hems out with their other hands. The backdrop is a curtain.

Two men dressed as dancing girls. They are holding hands and are cross-legged. They are wearing short skirts, halter tops and bonnets. The backdrop is a curtain.

A man dressed as a woman on the stage. He is wearing a mid-length skirt and a fur top. Behind him is an abstract backdrop of London with 'Guinness', 'Underground', the statue of Eros, traffic lights and Belisha beacons.

Group of men and men dressed as women arranged at the sides of the band. The band are seated behind music stands. The band leader is standing at the back. The backdrop is cartoons of bandsmen.

The leading lady is surrounded by two rows of dancing girls. The front row is kneeling, the back row standing. All are men dressed as women. The backdrop is a curtain.

A man in evening dress is standing holding the hand of a man dressed as a woman in a long dress. He is holding the dress out with his other hand. The backdrop is a curtain.

Eight men dressed as women seated at two tables. Three other female characters and eight men are standing in a row behind them. The backdrop is an abstract painting.

A man in flannels and shirt is being held by a man dressed as a woman wearing a short top and short shorts. There are two deckchairs on the stage and a backdrop of a garden.

11 men dressed as women. The central character is wearing a long dress and is holding it out. The 10 dancing girl characters are wearing short dresses and bonnets. They are standing cross-legged and linking their arms. The backdrop is a curtain.
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