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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1942-10-25"

Two photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a half-length portrait of Sam Saunders.
Photo 2 is a vertical aerial photograph of the battle at El Alamein. The view is mostly featureless with two explosions. It is captioned 'L.B.40.NT.24/25/10/42.8-->…

A vertical aerial photograph showing a burning vehicle. It is captioned 'B.A.40.N.T. 24/25-10-42. 8" --> 870 296

A vertical aerial photograph of bombing in the desert. It is captioned '[indecipherable] BA.40 NT 24/25-10-42. 8" -->8,500 862 300 855 290' and annotated 'A stick of bombs across enemy transport at El Alamein. One fire under way'.

Acknowledge receipt of cable, parcel of books and letter advising dispatch of cigarettes.

From Mary Clayton thanking Douglas for cable photographs and sending best wishes.

Number 23. No mail since last card. Is fit and has enough to eat. No exercise for two months but hopes to play soccer soon. Has had notification of books on their way but no sign of clothing food or tobacco parcels. Has joined newly opened Toc H…
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