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Observed weather during a cross country flight (training?).

First article: account of national service of remembrance and prayer for British prisoners of war. Afterwards a meeting at Colusseum organised by prisoner of war fund where three women, two mothers and a wife of men in same prison camp sat together.…

Writes of her activities and domestic matters including making chutney and marmalade as well as going to Red Cross meeting to receive mementos her for work done on penny a week club. Continues with description of church service arranged for next of…

Charles McNally spent his childhood in Dundee and Airdrie, Scotland. He began work at the Post Office as a Telegram Boy before joining the engineering department. This meant he now worked in a Reserved Occupation and he struggled to get permission…

Commemorative picture of Lancaster for attack on Turin. In a circle at the top a Lancaster on the ground with engines running. Underneath a box with caption 'Turin, 9 Squadron, 18/19 November 1942'. At the bottom a box with crew names 'S/Ldr…
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