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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1942-08-18"

An examination paper with 13 questions of which 10 need answered. The questions are in two sections - Bombing and Gunnery.

Pilot Officer Mieczysław Stachiewicz's RAF Pilot’s Flying Log Book from 11 June 1941 to 21 November 1942 detailing his training and operations as a pilot.
He was stationed at RAF Peterborough (No. 25 (Polish) Elementary Flying Training School),…

Catches up with mail received both ends. Writes of cables sent and received including problems with some and costs. Catches up with news from home and mentions camp numbers will be trebled in the next few days. Thanks them for the trouble they are…

Reports arrival of cable from him but a little puzzled by content but glad for news. Writes about her latest cable. Mentions father's visit to Cable and Wireless in Manchester to arrange for him to send cable through them and they will pay. Mentions…

Catches up with other correspondence from friend and passes on news. Writes of preparing his next parcel which she has to send to Red Cross in London where it is censored and repacked. Hopes that he will get it intact and describes items included.…
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