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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1942-08-11"

A certificate issued to Jim Cahir by the 57/60 Australian Infantry Battalion

List latest mail and was pleased to get details of the letters they had received from him. Writes that someone has lost the negatives of the photographs in the camp newspaper and the only way they can be recovered is from an internees mother who had…

Reports sending him a cable and quotes content. Explains that cables have been sent with pre-paid reply for him. Says it will be expensive and asks that he keep that in mind when composing messages. Mentions receiving a cable from him with account of…

Reports arrival of seven letters with eight photographs. Comments on photograph and lists dates of letters. Glad he gets pleasure from his journalistic activities and that he was over his stomach problem. Catches up with other correspondence and…

Reports that had now received 13 letters from him over the last week and two cables. Mentions message requesting underwear, tooth brushes and other items. Hopes to get parcel away to him in the following week and would includes soap which she has…
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