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United States Army Air Force certificate showing passed pilot training advanced flying diploma 5 August 1942

Confirms that their son, previously reported as having died was now reported to be in the best of health.

Letter 20 June. Donald well, Believe authentic. Reported death mistake. Signed Baker.

Detailing his flying training and operations flown as navigator 16 January 1941 to 9 January 1946. He was stationed at RCAF Winnipeg (6 AOS), RCAF MacDonald (3 B&GS), RCAF Rivers (1 ANS), RAF Harwell (15 OTU), RAF Shallufa (38 and 40 Squadrons), …

Reports arrival of cable and writing to London about cables. Special thought for him August 4th. Parcel dispatched July 28.

Reports arrival of a number of postcards and letters and mentions parcels of tobacco and cigarettes she and his father have sent. Mentions she believes letter cards will get to him more quickly. Writes of her attempts to spread request for food…
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