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Rex Alan Austin was born in Werribee, Victoria in Australia on 4th of January 1924. Rex’s father served in World War One in the middle east and then transferred to the Australian Flying Corps, later known as the Royal Australian Air Force. Schooled…

Discusses mail and cables and reports that problems with cables have been sorted and system should now be running smoothly. Catches up with news from home mentioning they had both had bad colds. Writes about weather at Laghouat believing that it had…

Reports that had now received 13 letters from him over the last week and two cables. Mentions message requesting underwear, tooth brushes and other items. Hopes to get parcel away to him in the following week and would includes soap which she has…

A postcard of the rail tracks leading into a tunnel. It is addressed to Reg's parents. He is travelling by train to Brandon, Manitoba.

12 postcards written by Alan Green whilst a prisoner of war. He thanks his parents for their mail, news of Basil, requests cigarettes, photographs, socks and a toothbrush, receipt of parcels and a list of clothing.
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