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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1942-05-21"

Informs wife that he has arrived at his father's who is not looking good.

Birthday greetings from Lilley

Notes it was his birthday and reports arrival of letters and latest cable with birthday greetings. Long discussion of mail he has sent and what had arrived with them. Notes Christmas card that had just arrived after six months in transit. Catches up…

Reports arrival of three letters from him and answers some things about their Christmas. Catches up with news of family and mentions plans for Easter. Writes of how they are getting on. Catches up with local gossip and news.

Starts with general chat and mention that granddad is visiting and gives account of looking after him. Mentions visiting Burnley. Writes of spring arriving with green leaves and warm sunshine. Quotes the cable that she had sent with news and was…

Letter from Terry Ford to his family. He writes about his flying, his friends, social activities and the weather.

Reports attack on Mannheim using incendiaries by Stirling, Halifax, Lancaster, Manchester, Wellington and Hampdens.

Joyce and Oliver with six airmen on their wedding day. On the reverse 'Joyce & Oliver Bell Wedding Day May 21 st 1942 Harworth Church'.

A wedding invitation for Joyce and Oliver.
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