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Frank Williamson’s RAF Pilot’s Flying Log Book from 15 December 1940 to 25 February 1943 detailing training, operations and instructional duties as a pilot. He was stationed at RAF Desford (No. 7 Elementary Flying Training School), RAF Shawbury…

Leonard William Fairbanks' log book covering two tours from 3 January 1941 to 15 April 1945, detailing his training schedule and operations flown. Training was undertaken at Air Gunnery School at RAF Stormy Down, 25 OTU RAF Finningley, 25 OTU RAF…

Sergeant Bronisław Soltysiak’s RAF Pilot’s Flying Log Book from 4 September 1940 to 13 August 1942, detailing his training and operations as a pilot. He was stationed at RAF Carlisle (No. 15 Elementary Flying Training School), RAF Stormy Down…

On the left a man sitting on a chair weaning Naval uniform with cap. On the right standing, a boy dressed in naval uniform with sailors cap. On the reverse 'Albert and Peter, Peter aged 5 and Uncle Albert 7/1/1942'.

A.W. Green’s RCAF Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book, from 14th January 1941 to 19th June 1942, detailing training and operations as a navigator. He was stationed at RCAF Base Port Albert (No. 1 Air Navigation School), Canadian Forces…

Reports her husband previously reported as interned had arrived safely in Gibraltar


Top - telegram reporting that Jack was interned. Bottom - telegram informs that he husband was now at Gibraltar.


Writing first thing in morning and father has just gone out. Relates reading one of his letters from when he was in Aumale and says they have got through the dark days of winter and wonders if his spring is anything like theirs. Wonders whether he…

On the front a woman in pink dress with umbrella and bonnet. In the background a tree and a man on a horse. Inside, Christmas greetings and signed Mother and Dad with all our love.

Writes they have had no letters from him now for twelve weeks and she has written 30 to him in that time. Comments on the December weather and says looking forward to spring. Mentions a book about Laghouat that she has read. Asks if they are able to…

Still waiting for letter from him, none for eleven weeks. Hopes for peace and reunion with him. Two weeks until Christmas and he would be in their thoughts. Mentions reading in newspaper that residents of Algiers were supplying warm clothing until…

Writes that father is off on duty. Mentions letter from relative inviting them for Christmas and passes on other news. Not sure if they will go due to travel difficulties. Wishes they could get some letters from him as eleven weeks since last one.…

Three weeks to Christmas, so sending greetings and hopes message gets to him in time. No letters from him for ten weeks but she keeps sending theirs in the hope that he will get some of them. Describes some activities and comments on weather. Passes…
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