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Frank Williamson’s RAF Pilot’s Flying Log Book from 15 December 1940 to 25 February 1943 detailing training, operations and instructional duties as a pilot. He was stationed at RAF Desford (No. 7 Elementary Flying Training School), RAF Shawbury…

Pilots flying log book for H W Wickham, covering the period from 29 September 1940 to 16 November 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Cambridge, RAF South Cerny, RAF Abingdon, RAF…

A note book used by Fred as a log book.
His pilots on operations were Pilot Officer Benitz DFC and Flight Lieutenant Brown.

Observer’s and air gunner’s flying log book one, for F W Honey, wireless operator, covering the period from 14 October 1941 to 26 June 1945. Detailing his operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Malta, RAF Kabrit, RAF…

Sent from middle east in November 1941, Shows Father Christmas on a camel. Sent to M Hodel Fackrell. Annotation 'from your ever loving daddy with MEF, please give my loving greetings to your mummie [sic] and grannie. I hope you are all well and long…

Reports arrival of latest of their letters but out of sequence. Notes this was the fifth letter he had written after arrival at new camp at Laghouat. Notes weather was cooler than anticipated with cloudless days and nights. Says his face was tanned…

Wishing him a happy Christmas and best of health and luck for 1942. Signed Walker, Una and lilley
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