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The postcard to Les' mother advises he is fit and well but has not received any letters. It was sent via Vatican Radio and the Catholic Times.
On the card they use 'Tickford' as his surname.

Pilots flying log book for Peter Stevens, covering the period from 6 June 1940 to 7 September 1941 when he was taken prisoner of war and then from 26 July 1945 to 22 January 1947 and from 28 September 1952 to 19 September 1953. Detailing his flying…

Writes of high temperatures and going to hairdresser as well as different ways to walk into town. Mentions gaps in arrival of mail and then all come at once. Asks after baby jackal and whether he will resume boxing. Says she sent a donation to Red…

Acknowledges dressing down she received in his letter over the letters she sent concerning him not getting commission. Continues with points that make her mad about award commissions and it was not about impressing neighbours or her being the wife of…

Flying log book for F A Robinson covering the period from 8 September 1938 to 22 January 1951. Detailing his flying training and operations flown, includes flight certificates, congratulatory messages and notes of appreciation from senior officers, a…
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