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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1941-05-07"

Writes a lot about mail received and sent and options for post. States that air mail is best despite expense. Discusses weather, climate and the local countryside. Mentions his French language problems.

Writes of their activities and mentions suggestion that they try and sent a message to him via radio forces messages. Hopes to have their own house soon. Says they are listening to the radio. Catches up with more news and gossip.

No recent letters from him and been without news for a long time. Writes of how severe winter was. Catches up with family news. Mentions going back to previous location for a few days and outline progress with move.

Reminisces over previous Easter. Writes of activities including looking for a house. Mentions shortage of houses and long waiting lists. Discusses finance and his allotment to them and that he had tried to change it. Delighted to hear that he had…

Compares English weather with what he is likely to be having. Reminisces on past events. Writes of their activities over Easter holiday. Mentions the chocolate he asked for and they were not able to get it. Wrote to Red Cross to help. Notes they are…

Comments on his reports of problems on his course and how he had previously been top of his course and goes on to encourage him. Continues with baby news and descriptions of her activities particularly getting hold of fruit and mentioning mail she…


List of twenty-nine letters sent by Donald Baker to his mother between June 1940 and September 1941. Also notes he was shot down on 5 November 1941.
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