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Writes to correct dates of termination of tenancy of their allotment. Explains arrangement she made with new tenant were misunderstood by him and what she intended to do now with her crops.


Jokes about receiving and envelope from him with nothing inside and wasting 2 1/2 pence. Writes of difficulties over allotment, disposal of crops and correspondence with town hall. Mentions presents for baby and her activities. Writes of packing and…

Writes of current winter weather and wonders what it is like where he is. Writes of boys facing discomfort in severe weather and full of gratitude for the few who have done so much for so many. Continues to describe some activities . Writes about…

Still waiting for letter number 3. Enquired at post office if they could cable him, not allowed. Hopes he is OK and talks of English winter. Mentions letters she had received and sent to others and passes on news.
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