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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1941-01-19"

Starts with long discussion on getting rid of piano. Discusses remustering and his preference unlike other not to go to pilot but remain as observer. Writes he has booked her bed at nursing home and accommodation. Writes of when he will be able to…

Writes that they will soon be together. Mentions arrangements that have been made for their allotment. Hopes he has received parcel she sent with lanolin face cream. Talks about state of cleaning their house and catches up with news of family and…

Writes on her research on bathing babies. Talks of people visiting her and meeting man who is taking over their allotment and having difficulties with him over woman who Ursula had agreed to allow to collect current crop. Mentions arranging for…

Writing on her birthday, mentions letters she had received from family and friends and passes on news. Catches up with news of activities and other gossip. Mentions that she had a little birthday party.
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