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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1941-01-01"

Writes of the letters received so far with one possibly missing. Just jogging along hoping for the end of dreadful war. Tells of visit by a Mrs Clayton followed by another acquaintance. Catches up with local news and gossip. Hopes he will soon get…

Wishes him a happy new year and relates a dream she had about the future. Writes of the difficulties of finding a maternity home and other possible plans of moving closer to him if he passes his course and can find out where he will be posted when he…

Writes he is worried about her due to reports of air raids on London. Describes his current activities including cross country run, PT, drill and lectures. Mentions Royal Artillery battery in town. Comments on parcel from mother that arrived in a…

There are four occasions when John was Mentioned in Despatches.

Full length portrait of Reg Jaques and his bride. Reg is on the left wearing dark suit with button hole. His bride is on the right wearing a white wedding dress with raised veil and holding a large bouquet of flowers. Her right hand is holding on to…

Reg and Gwendoline Jaques stand in the centre of group of eight other people, four either side. Mrs Jaques is wearing a white wedding dress with raised veil and is holding a large bouquet of flowers. Reg Jaques is wearing a dark suit with buttonhole.…

Details of Reg Jaques wedding to Gwendolen Betty Stokes at Gnosall methodist church.

Four boys, one wearing a hat and all in shorts, are stood next to a stone parapet. A chair is also visible.

A group of young men and women sitting on rocks with buildings in the background.

Additional information kindly provided by Frank Schilder.

Three young boys and a girl in swimwear playing in a pool surrounded by rocks. On the reverse '[one indecipherable word] “2” and Lyn [?] 2'.

Additional information kindly provided by Frank Schilder.

Three women sitting on a bench in the foreground with a stone building behind. There are other women in swimwear and a man in shorts, on the right of the picture, against stone steps. Caption on reverse 'Mac[?] 2, J. Harvey 1, [one indecipherable…

Group of six people, three men in swimwear and three women. One of the men is sitting on a wooden chair and the rest of the group are sitting on a wall. There is table on the left of the picture. On the reverse 'Mac [undecipherable] Lyn'.

Group of six people, three men and women, having drinks at seaside. Five of them are in swimwear, while one woman is clothed. Two houses and a rocky beach are visible in the background.
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