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Six individuals and five cropped heads, standing in front of wooden building, captioned 'Some 6th form members St James 1935, with backs to Tuck Shop, Left to right ? Self, Dennis Walmsley (my best friend), Jim Sullivan, Maurice Evans, Douglas…

St James' school prefects 1935, names on the reverse, captioned 'St James prefects 1935.'

Front and rear of 1929 reichsmark, serial M27937609 with image of Albrecht Thaer on front right side. Two 1935 100 reichsmark notes, serial C6872523 and A2769619 with image of Justus von Liebig on front right side.

Service certificate for David Boldy who served as a cadet and as an active member of Bareilly Contingent form 10 September 1934 to 9 September 1936.

Character statement for David Boldy while studying at St Joseph’s College, Naini Tal from March 1934 to December 1936.

Formal portrait of ten young men dressed in sports shirts, shorts and socks, four standing, four sitting on chairs and two sitting on the ground all with arms folded. Sitting on a chair in the centre is a clergyman and in front of him is a small…


William Barfoot wearing singlet and shorts crosses the finish line. Captioned 'School sports at Lovedale: P.W.Barfoot winning the quarter mile race. He set up a new record for the Lawrence Memorial School', '(1935)'. This item was sent to the IBCC…


The Lawrence Memorial School is set on a grass bank.

The description of this item is partially based on information provided by the donor. This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form: no better quality copies are…
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