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Autogiro airborne in left bank. Rotors mounted on an Avro 504 fuselage. below in the background, trees. On the reverse 'Senior Juan de la Cierva's rotors mounted on an Avro 504 K body, 1926/7, vital 1st autogyro in world [sic](forerunner of…

Air-to-air view of a single engine two seat biplane registration G-EBPH. Captioned 'Avro "Gosport" which landed on Helvellyn 1926, Bert Hinkler at the controls. Photo by courtesy A V Roe & Co Ltd'.

Captioned 'The Pelham School Annual Picnic to Tetney, Lincs in 1926. This was a private school. I am on the left of the front row. Brother Robert is in the centre of the back row. Mrs Kendal is the older lady in the centre, her daughter is standing…
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