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Baby wearing white outfit lying on fur rug. Captioned 'Mervyn Adder as a baby - 1922'.

Baby wearing white outfit lying on fur rug. Captioned 'Mervyn Adder as a baby - 1922'.

The story of Roy Chadwick, Chief Designer of A.V. Roe & Co Ltd from 1919 to 1947, The aircraft he designed, and the lasting contribution he made to Britain's aviation industry. Covers chapter 1 - 15. Starts with early years and then a has a chapter…

Side view of a single engine biplane with floats at waters edge. There is a man crouched on the port float and another turning the propeller. There is a pilot in the cockpit and another man standing on beach on the left watching. On the reverse…

Front quarter view of a large single engine biplane with enclosed cabin standing outside a hangar with AVRO & Co Ltd above the door in large letters. On the reverse 'Avro Aldershot, the largest single engine bomber in the world, 1922'.

Head and shoulders portrait of a woman on left and man on right both looking to the left. On the reverse 'Roy and Mary Chadwick about 1922, please keep - a lovely photograph'.

Full length portrait of Roy Chadwick wearing suit and tie standing with hands in pockets by the front end of an Avro Aldershot. There is a ladder on the far side of the aircraft. On the reverse of first photograph - '214/9/98, Chadwick, with Avro…

Front quarter view of a single engine biplane. In front are six men, two on the left wearing suits, four on the right, two with flying helmets and the other two wearing suits and coats. In the background a hangar with open doors and A V Roe & Co…

Alan Edgar as a baby, sitting on a low stool. On the reverse 'AG Edgar'.

Photo 1 is Arthur and his sister, Alison standing outside their cottage in Banwell, taken about 1928.
Photo 2 is Arthur as a baby with his mother and father, taken in 1922.

Avro Aldershot in front of hanger. On the reverse '1000 HP Avro Napier bomber, Hamble 1922'.


Avro Aldershot J6852 in front of Avro Hanger. On the reverse '1000 HP Avro Napier Bomber, Hamble 1922'


Front and rear of three one Rentenmark banknotes serials B52415467, D02660473 and B54165970 and front and rear of 2 Rentenmark note serial J07416142.
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