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A large number of aircraft fuselages some with engines mounted others with none, parked outside a multi-story brick building. On the left part of a crane. On the reverse '26, 1914, outside Park Works, Newton Heath, often used photo in magazines,…

Large group of men and women sitting and standing in front of a brick building. Some men are in suits and others in working clothes. Building has three arched doorways with windows above. On the reverse 'Original photo, vital please keep safely of…

Three Avro 504s in line from left to right. There are men in front of each. On the reverse '? Belgium?, 3 Avro 504s getting ready for the historic flight to Lake Constance to bomb the Zepplin [sic] works at Friedrichshafen, 1914'.


A handwritten notebook containing the war diary of A Dorricott from October 1914. He embarks the SS Deseado at Southampton and sails through the Bay of Biscay, past Gibraltar to Malta. They continued with naval escorts to Port Said, through the Suez…
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