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Letter from Terry Ford to his family. He writes about family and friends, his social activities, and that his course is now coming to an end and is looking forward to finding out where he goes next.

Letter from Terry Ford to his family. He writes about his weekend off and his activities, about the weather and about his course which is going well.

Letter from Terry Ford to his family. He writes about correspondence he has received; about being congratulated on receiving his wings and commission; about family and friends; that he is enjoying his course and that he will be going on a 48 hour…

Letter from Terry Ford to his parents. He writes thanking them for all the correspondence he has received. He writes about family, friends, about his social activities and his course which he is finding quite complicated.

Letter from Terry Ford to his parents. He writes that he has been invited to go to New York with his uncle; that he had a day off; about the weather; going to the cinema and that the course is quite interesting. He also asks how all his family are.

Letter from LAC T. A. Ford to his family. He writes that he has passed his training; recommended for single engine aircraft; has been put on Jankers (punishment for wrong-doing) so won’t be able to attend the flight dinner; going on a two week…

The telegram advises Terry Ford's father than he has received his wings and commission.

The letter advises Terry that he is being promoted to Flight Lieutenant

Terry Ford's wartime experiences written and read to Avon Talking Magazine for the Blind.

Description of bombing and mine laying operations on targets around Le Havre, Calais, Stettin, Eindhoven, Frankfurt and Pont Rémy during September 1944.

Neill Chapman’s diary entries from 27th May to 1st June including a list of crew members and the results of their bombing trials.

Pilots flying log book for W E Lucas, covering the period from 7 November 1940 to 18 February 1946. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Derby, RAF Montrose, RAF Lossiemouth, RAF Honington,…

A Canadian aviation chart covering the Brandon and Winnipeg regions.

An air chart covering the Swift Current and Regina area of Saskatchewan.


A Canadian air chart covering the Indian Head and Brandon areas, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


A planning chart used for an operation to Calais, with handwritten annotations

A planning chart used for a route from Waterbeach to Cologne then Mepal

A planning chart used for a cross-country exercise Chedburgh-North Sea-Hinckley-Sheffield-Hull-Louth-Chedburgh, with handwritten annotations.

A planning chart used on an operation to Essen, with handwritten annotations.

A planning chart for the route from Waterbeach to Essen then Mepal, with handwritten annotations.

A planning chart used for mine laying in the Kattegat, off Denmark.

A planning chart used for an operation to Dortmund, with handwritten annotations.

A planning chart used for an operation to Stuttgart, with handwritten annotations

A planning chart for an operation to a target north west of Essen, with handwritten annotations.

A planning chart for an operationto a target close to Duisburg, with handwritten annotations.
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