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A woman wearing light jacket and skirt sits on towel on grass with a baby on her lap. On the reverse 'Mummy and Penny'.

A man wearing jacket and flat cap sits on a rug on grass with a baby in light coat with hood sitting sideways on his lap. In the background trees. On the reverse 'John and Penny'.

In the foreground a young girl sits with a baby in bonnet behind her. Behind the children and to the right two men is swimming trunks sit and lie. In the background a sea wall and other people. On the reverse Whitsun 1939, this is Hilda's little…

On the left a baby in swim suit and bonnet sits on a rug. To the right, a man lies in swimming trunks pointing at the camera. On the reverse 'Ron and Penny'.

A woman on the left is looking at a baby which is on the knee of a seated man who is wearing a dark suit. In the background a wooden wall with shrubs. On the reverse 'Penny and Grandpa, Grandma'.

A baby Penny Turner stands between a deck chair and cushions. In the background another deckchair and to the left a wooden wall with ladder attached horizontally. On the reverse 'Penny'.

On the left a woman wearing skirt and jacket holds the hand of a baby who is sitting on the knee of a seated man who is wearing a dark suit. In the background a fence and foliage. On the reverse 'Penny, Grandma, Grandpa Turner'.

A man wearing dark jacket and flat cap walks with a dog on leash. On his right a woman with hat pushes a pram. They are both walking on a footpath with road to the left and railings with posters to the right. On the reverse 'John and myself and Penny…


A woman wearing skirt and blouse stands on the left. To her right and man weaning shirt, trousers and flat cap is holding a baby. In the background a fence and part of a house. On the reverse 'Kaye, John and Penny'.

A woman and baby lie in bed, A man poses behind them. On the reverse crossed out 'Mrs A J Turner, 28 Married Qtrs, RAF Station Stradishall, Suffolk'.

Half length portrait of a man and a woman. Man on the left wears dark jacket and roll neck jumper. The woman on the right wears a coat and check scarf. On the reverse 'John and I, Dec 1937'.

A woman on the left and a man on the right both reclining on a sand dune. Woman is wearing a skirt, jacket and beret. The man is wearing a jacket, trousers and a hat. In the background at the top of the bank a wire fence. On the reverse 'Kaye and…

On the left a woman in light dress holding a handbag. On the right a man wearing jacket, light trousers and a flat cap. Both are walking on a path with railings and hedge behind them. On the reverse '1937'.

A woman stands on the left wearing a dress and holding a large bouquet of flowers. To the right stands a man wearing a light suit. In the background a brick wall and part of a building. On the reverse 'My Wedding, June 5 1937'.

Two enlargements from group photograph showing a man and woman sitting in front of a group of other people. Man is wearing a suit and the woman a dress and is also holding a bouquet of flowers. On the reverse 'My wedding, June 5 1937'.

A man in dark suit and clerical collar stands on the left holding a pipe. A woman wearing coat and hat stands on the right holding the man's arm. In the background a gate and railings.

Large group of airmen arranged on and around a Lancaster

A group of seven airmen sitting on top of a Lancaster, JI-N, PB145. One man is sitting on the mid-upper turret. Underneath is 'Rosebud'.

Seven airmen in two rows at the rear of a Lancaster, JI-N'. Four are identified with annotations - 'Len Thatcher, Hank Snow, Denis Bradbury, Woody Freamo'.

Denis and a woman at the seaside. They are both wearing coats and are standing on a promenade at the seaside.

Denis Bradbury in RAF uniform with his father and mother. They are standing in the garden of their house. Denis and his father have pipes in their mouths.His mother is wearing a coat and hat. In the centre is a dog sat on a chair.

Seven airmen in flying gear at the rear of a Lancaster

Head and shoulders portrait of Muriel Blake. On the reverse 'Age 19'. and 'John Burton & Sons, 65, Evington Road, Leicester 133996'

Muriel Blake kneeling on the ground with three civilian men standing behind her. On the reverse 'Armstrong Sidley[sic] Mech RAF Mepal 1944'.

28 airwomen arranged in three rows. Initial Training Course, 1944. Muriel is third from right in the back row. On the reverse 'RAF Wilmslow Training Camp'.

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