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Three-quarter length portrait of a man wearing Sidcot flying suit, helmet, goggles and gloves. In the background artwork of an aircraft.


Head and shoulders portrait of a sergeant wearing tunic with air gunner brevet.

Twenty-five men sitting and standing in three rows. All are wearing tunics and most of them side caps. Three in the front row wear peaked caps. In the background single story huts.

Half length portrait of a sergeant wearing tunic with half brevet.


Half length portrait of A S Atkinson as an airman wearing tunic and side cap in an oval with RAF flags either side, RAF wings above, captioned "Royal Air Force" with artwork aircraft and barrage balloon in the margins. Additional information about…

full length wedding photograph of D Swains and his wife

Head and shoulders portrait group photograph of D Swains with two other aircrew cadets, captioned “Scarborough – June 1944” with handwritten details of the individuals.

An album to contain a series of cigarette cards of national importance. Shows pictures of some of the things that the government and local authorities are working out for the protection of the general public. Includes: window protection, splinter…

Entitled 'Coventry'. Describes German air force attack on the city on 14 November 1940 giving detail of civilian damage and casualties. Compares it with bombing of Genoa and Turin which it claims as military. Includes photographs of damage to…

Titled 'Le Bombe e la Verita' and providing reasons for allied bombing.

Map showing north Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, part of Belgium and France. Goes east to include Poland and parts of Lithuania. Symbols on map with legend on reverse. Symbols are of German air force aviation objects and defensive systems.

A man wearing civilian clothes and glasses sitting in the left hand seat of an aircraft cockpit and looking back towards camera,

A man wearing civilian clothes and glasses sitting in the left hand seat of an aircraft cockpit.

A man wearing pyjamas sitting on a bed. In the background a door and kitbag and holdall on a shelf.

Eight men all wearing battledress and peaked or side caps. Four are sitting with arms folded and four are standing behind. All in the front row and the left man in the back row have visible brevet. In the background right a fence.


Thirty-seven officers, all wearing tunics, many with brevet, and peaked caps sitting and standing in four rows. In the background huts. All names at the bottom, Flying Officer Mills is third from left in back row.

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Three-quarter length portrait of a woman wearing a dress sitting and smiling. Captioned 'Joyce Mills'.

Top left a man wearing uniform tunic holding a dog with bushes in the background. Captioned 'Gordon Mills Aug 41'. Top right a three-quarter length portrait of a man wearing tunic and side cap sitting. Bottom left another copy of top right…

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Hear and shoulders portrait of a man wearing tunic with air gunner's brevet and peaked cap.

On the left a bride wearing white wedding dress and holding bouquet. On the right ad RAF officer wearing tunic with air gunner's brevet and medal ribbons. In the background part of a stone building and a wooden door.

On the left and man wearing a duffel coat receiving a small silver tankard from a Royal Air Force flight lieutenant on the right wearing tunic with air gunner brevet and medal ribbons. Two RAF pilots stand in the background.

A very large number of RAF personnel sitting and standing in front of a Lancaster with others on stands and standing on top of the wings and fuselage.

Mentions attack on Dresden and also on Wesel in support of Rhine crossing. German opposition was anti aircraft fire, however squadron all returned safely though some aircraft damaged.

Five verse song or poem about Bomber Command operations

Blue ribbon with European Union circle of stars with metal cross.
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