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Written as civil defence duties finished. Thanks for loyal support. Notes final parade on 10 June 1945.

Mentions anniversary of death of Uncle George December 1942. Daily activities for January and some of February and sporadic entries after that. Writes of going to pictures and walks. Contains some telephone numbers and addresses of friends.

The lyrics to 27 war time songs

Reasons why Hull was not names and summary of the damage done noting that Hull suffered more than any other city including 1200 people killed and 152000 rendered homeless.


City map of Hull showing blue black and red marks. Post-it label reads 'Red circle indicates Ron Harrison's grandmother's house featured in his interview'.


Head and shoulder portrait of an airman wearing tunic with air gunner's brevet. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Head and shoulders portrait of a flight sergeant wearing tunic with air gunner brevet. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Head and shoulders portrait of 4 men with training flashes in their caps, submitted with caption; 'bernard harris [sic] (bottom right) with colleagues in training'.

This item was provided, in digital form, by a third-party organisation which used…

Seven aircrew standing and kneeling in two rows in front of a Lancaster. All are wearing battledress. Captioned 'Back row L to R, John Kirk navigator, Colin Branch engineer, Jimmy Chancellor pilot, Front row L to R, Jack Wilkinson mid upper gunner,…

Notes that Lancaster RF159 crashed on 7 August 1945 at Lamontelaire France. Gives details of crew members and their arrival dates on 626 Squadron. Gives latitude and longitude of crash site near Toulouse. Crew initially buried at Angles and notes…

Series of notices in August, September and October 1945. Second notice reports the loss of six aircrew on an operation 'Dodge' Mission on 7 August 1945. Crash site Lamontelarie (55 miles north east of Toulouse). Crew buried in Mazargues Cemetery…

Twenty two Royal Air Force and Woman's Auxiliary Air Force members of a band standing, wearing tunic uniform, in two rows. Most are holding musical instruments. In the centre of the front row are a male and a female officer standing behind a pile of…

Head and shoulders portrait of a sergeant wearing tunic with flight engineer brevet. Submitted with caption 'Flight Engineer - John Satchell'. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Six crosses surrounded by flowers in cemetery. In the background trees. Cross on left has J W Satchell, next to the right, Wilson the others are unclear.

Six crosses in cemetery. Ground covered in snow. The cross on the right has Sgt Springett. In the background tress.

Six graves in cemetery in forest. A woman and young girl stand on the left and a line of civilians line graves on the right.

Writes of his last operation in a Halifax when his aircraft was shot down and exploded killing all the other members of the crew. Describes journey to camp and being in Frankfurt while it is under bombing attack. Continues with description of life as…

Four medals, 1939-45 Star, Aircrew Europe Star, Defence medal and War Medal 1939-1945.

Head an shoulders portrait of Royal Air Force officer wearing peaked cap and tunic with medical officers badge. Betty’s husband who was a Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Medical Officer in during the Second World War, they met post war when he…

32 women and 3 men of the Royal Observer Corps, in uniform, Betty Greenwood (Harrison at the time) is third from the left in the second to last row, submitted with caption; 'Her school class with the 3 Royal Observer Corps teachers - Betty is three…

A pair of gloves, the left hand one in its mitten configuration, the other in glove configuration (the portion over the wrist and lower arm can be turned over and zipped around the hand), in the palm of the mitten are a pair of Royal Air Force…

Photograph of Lancaster starboard wing with seven crew putting on parachutes and preparing to board aircraft. Caption 'Berlin here we come, Crew of a Lancaster prepare top take-off'.

Noted not to be produced in public; a list of phrases in German, Spanish, French and Dutch.


Half-length portrait of a Royal Air Force flying officer wearing tunic with navigator's brevet and medal ribbons including a Distinguished Flying Cross.

Three-quarter-length portrait of seven RAF aircrew in uniform with with aircrew brevet. Each individual identified “JR ‘Buck’ Bennett, mid upper gunner-NSW, WA ‘Bill’ Stanley, Wireless operator-Victoria, HR ‘Shorty’ Connochie, rear…
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