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Stars in June 1940 based on letters written to his mother. Tells of life in Rhodesia before being called up and travelling to England, Discusses war as well as work and social life and initial training in Rhodesia. Goes on to describe a little of…

List of twenty-nine letters sent by Donald Baker to his mother between June 1940 and September 1941. Also notes he was shot down on 5 November 1941.

A magazine published for airmen in Bulawayo with news, jokes and stories.

A magazine published by RAF Bulawayo with sports news, jokes and news.

A magazine produced at the camp for airmen. It has news, jokes, cartoons and adverts.

A magazine published for airmen at the Bulawayo base. It includes, news, jokes, cartoons and adverts.

A street scene with the hotel in the centre of a row of other two storey buildings. Cars, vans and other vehicles are parked along the road and there are designated parking spaces in the middle of the road. A number of vans have "Jerrys" printed on…

A street including the Carlton Hotel and other two storey buildings with a covered terrace at ground level along its length. There is a multi storey building at the far end of the street with cars and other vehicles parked along either side. A single…

A two storey colonnaded building with a double height square clock tower with roman numerals showing the time as 4:38. The area in front of the building is open with trees surrounding.

Five uniformed men sitting on a rock in open scrubland. John is in the centre with an open jacket. On the reverse 'The five of us at Hillside dams'.

Uniformed trainee airmen sat on an open top car, one with his arm raised in the air, John is standing right, back. The car, with number plate B 5707, is parked on a packed earth road with trees surrounding. On the reverse 'Ken, Pat, Jim Sid and…

A four wheeled gun carriage underneath a pitched grass roofed open sided structure with trees alongside. On the reverse 'The gun carriage what Rhodes was carried to his grave on. Now in grounds of Governor's house'.

The hut stands in open ground with a pitched grass roof and a multi paned glass window. It has rocks around its base and a notice at its entrance. On the reverse 'The hut that Rhodes stayed in when visiting Bulawayo. Now in the grounds of the…

Men, women and children sitting around and swimming in a rectangular swimming pool with diving board. One man is wearing a pith helmet with a towel covering his back. The area is bordered by floodlights and trees. On the reverse of the second…

A view of the front of the Round House Hotel, at the corner of Esigodini Road/ Hope Fountain road, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Dark sky and bushes in the foreground. On the reverse 'The Round House Hotel which I have talked a lot about'.

During the Second…

John, wearing long trousered uniform, standing on the steps of the Round House Hotel, at the corner of Esigodini Road/ Hope Fountain road, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. On the reverse 'At the Round House'.


John, wearing desert uniform, with shorts and shirt and tie, standing on the steps of the Round House Hotel, at the corner of Esigodini Road/ Hope Fountain road, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. On reverse is 'Yours truly on Round House steps'.


Eight men wearing swimming trunks with trees beyond. John is second right at the back. On the reverse 'At the swimming pool the whole of the gang is here. Can you spot 'ern' '.
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