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Histories of twelve Tiger Moth aircraft flown by Denis Clyde Smith while undergoing ab-initio training at Sywell.

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Card font cover - Royal Air Force wings at the top. Inside right a half length portrait of Ben Openshaw wearing tunic, white belt and side cap.


Bill writes before having to take part in an inter-squadron run that afternoon, which he is not looking forward to. They are all getting excited about the prospect of leave, but if they fail exams this will be cancelled for them.

He describes the…

A detailed letter from Bill to his family, explaining life and events in the RAF Camp.

Includes orderly room administration duties, being captain of squadron running team, being issued with flying kit (which he details), exams, his visit to an…

Bill writes that he is looking forward to coming home on leave in a week's time. All the parades have paid off since they have been given some extra leave. Before then have a whole week of exams. Trying to find out about the trains, but will have…

Writes of mail received and complains of time taken but will be worse when he gets to Scotland or California. Christmas approaching. Went to chapel and had good carol service. Catches up with home news. Speculates on future as aircrew and possible…

Writes of guard duty, gas exam and inoculations and their effect. Talks of food and domestic matters. Catches up with home news and makes requests for specific food when he gets home

Writes of daily activities and course progress including marks for exams. Notes if he fails as pilot he would be happy as an observer. Worse subject is Air Force law. Mentions other subjects such as hygiene. Only 3 weeks before leave and discusses…

Fifty one airmen sitting and standing in four rows in front of a doorway with columns. All are wearing tunic and most side caps. Title 'Royal Air Force Aberystwyth, No 4 Squadron, A Flight, 6 I.T.W. November 1941'

Bill Akrill is sixth from left…


To LAC Valentine in Monkton Ayrshire. Postmarked Aberystwyth.

Writes that he hoped she got home safely and how much he enjoyed her visit. Describes his journey via Shrewsbury and Wales to Aberystwyth where unusually they were expected.

Mentions he has written to several relatives. Writes he has finished wedding cake but broke a tooth. Describes walking in hills and describes local area.

He writes about commencing training at Aberystwyth and that it is intense but he is enjoying it much more than previous training. Mentions London has had some nasty nights which worries him.

Writes that big attack on London is on his mind along with shared recollections of a big fire when the bombing first started. Comments that he is likely to remain at his current location until March/April and asks if she would consider moving to join…

Writes he is worried about her due to reports of air raids on London. Describes his current activities including cross country run, PT, drill and lectures. Mentions Royal Artillery battery in town. Comments on parcel from mother that arrived in a…

Pleased with arrival of her letter at last. Discuses mail and delivery delays. Provides a list of things he would like her to do. Replies to matters she raised in her letter. Continues with personal matters. Mentions his training day has been…

Thanks her for letter, parcel and gas mask. Latter useful as stores have run out of respirators. Her Christmas present really useful helping to keep kit organised in strict tidiness regime. List thing she is sending back to her. Pleased to receive…

Mentions that it is first anniversary and he will try and phone. Describes a great day with frosty but clear weather and his walk in local area. Describes Aberystwyth and mentions another flight member has wife with him and discusses their…

Long letter starts by thanking her for parcel which arrived on their anniversary. Reported that he had a disappointing interview with his CO which included discussion on whether it was likely that he could change from observer to pilot. Describes…

Starts with domestic matters, his activities and uniform issues. Notes examinations starting next week. Still waiting treatment for broken tooth. Has no spare time to read. Mentions he is not sleeping well, that individual interviews with squadron CO…

Wonders about her reaction to his argument for her to come to stay in Aberystwyth. Notes essay on Initial Training Wing and remustering to pilot which he does not want to do. Writes he is still sleeping badly and that the RAF has run out of marmalade…

Short letter to include in parcel to her. Thanks for her for parcel and socks. Has letter from his father, describes what he says including that arrangements for her and baby best left to them. Repeats arguments for her coming to Aberystwyth. Notes…

Lots of discussion over problems of whether she should come to Aberystwyth or not, but if she decides to should decide quickly. He would not book nursing home yet. Continues with description of his activities including new eye test for pilot.…

Writes it is end of first day of new exhausting schedule. Wishes she was already there and safe from bombing. Suggest she comes 31 January or 1 February if not sooner. Mentions shopping in Woolworth and arrangements to pay inland revenue. Hopes she…
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