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A port side view of a US Navy Valiant '03155', '58'. On the reverse 'SNO' and '920T'.

Vultee on an airfield. A building and parked cars can be seen in the background. On the reverse is B13 VULTEE a number "023" and a stamp dated "APR 15 1942" and the writing "McCOLLUM'S PHOTO SHOP ALBANY . GA."


Air-to-air view of a single engine low wing monoplane with single pilot in front cockpit. Aircraft number '0893'. Captioned 'BT 13, Gunter Field, Montgomery, Alabama, May 1942'.


Photo 1 is a group of people on the lawn in font of a building, annotated 'Co-eds graduation'.
Photo 2 and 3 are views in a park.
Photo 4 is a view in a park with a sailing ship behind.
Photo 5 is a house.
Photo 6 is a park view with palm trees…

Top left - in the foreground a street with cars parked. On the other side of street a tall building.
Top right - view of a cross roads in a city with cars and shop on far side. In the distance a tall building. Caption for both photographs 'Views of…

Top left - interior view of dining hall with chairs and tables. Captioned 'Dining hall'. Middle right - in the foreground open grass area beyond which is a fence running left to right with tree on right and a telegraph pole to the left. In the…

A view looking out of the back of the train. Single track and trees. On the reverse 'Between Chatenoga [sic] & Atlanta.

A street scene with cars and pedestrians, identified on the reverse as Valdosta.

Two views of Valdosta station and identified on the reverse.

A bus, car and waiting passengers at the bus station. On the reverse handwritten 'Valdosta, Bus Station' and printed 'Valdosta Bus Station 1942'.

A view of skyscrapers. On the reverse 'US Naval recruiting centre. Detroit. Michigan'.

The photograph on the top left of the left page shows a steam train at a train station. Snow can be scene covering the scene. The photograph is captioned with "MONCTON STATION ALL ABOARD FOR THE STATES."
The photograph on the top right on the left…

The photograph on the top left of the left page shows the silhouette of some buildings.
The photograph on the top right of the left page shows three men sitting on bunk beds in an accommodation hut.
The photograph on the bottom right of the left…

The photograph on the left of the left page shows cars and other motor vehicles on a road with buildings lining either side of the street.
The photograph on the top centre of the left page shows women walking down a street. Signs are being carried…

Leaflet describes how the United States is fulfilling President Roosevelt’s promise of 16th March 1941 to provide Britain with ships, aircraft, tanks and weapons and how much it is producing. Many of the war materials are at no cost and on…

A form completed by Cyril referring to his performance. He is instructed to undertake further training to bring his standard up to the required level.

Photo 1 is a large building.
Photo 2 is a section of a building framed by trees.
Photo 3 is a group of students outside a building, amongst the garden.

Photo 1 is a group standing on a lawn in front of a building, annotated 'Graduates from Univ..of Miami before Graduation Dinner.
Photo 2 is four airmen, three seated on a bench, one standing, annotated 'University of Miami. After dinner relaxation…

Photo 1 and 2 are views in the garden at the university.
Photo 3 is a view of the garden framed by a building.

Photo 1 is The Tiffin restaurant at the University.
Photo 2 is a block of buildings including The Tiffin.
Photo 3 is a University building.

Top left - view from road of snow covered landscape with trees. Captioned 'Border Country, Vanceboro, Maine'.
Top right - view of two story white barracks captioned 'Barracks, Turner Field, Georgia'.
Bottom - alligators in pool, captioned…


Top - white multi-story columned building with dome in centre. Bushes in the foreground. Captioned 'U.S. Capitol. Washington D.C.'.
Bottom - long beige building with tall windows on first floor and square windows above. Higher centre section with…

Four page Western Italy edition of the newspaper containing articles from various operational theatres around the world and from Britain.
Page 2 is given over to the forthcoming General…

Four photographs from an album.
#1 is a head and shoulders portrait of a women. An attached note states 'Werwaguk Indian. Our pet waitress'.
#2 s Miami, Oklahoma, looking North across the Neosho River showing the railway junction area.
#3 is an…
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