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J C Preston’s RCAF Pilot’s Flying Log Book from 25 November 1942 to 17 May 1946. It details training, 13 Air Search and Rescue (ASR) sorties and other duties as a pilot with 249 Squadron in the Middle East, over the eastern Mediterranean and…

Alan writes thanking his parents for letters, parcel and papers. He enjoyed his visit to Chicago and found the locals very friendly.

Two views of Chicago on the back of an envelope.

A page of information about Chicago and its economy.

A view of Chicago

One coloured view of Chicago and part of a brief history of Chicago.

Two views of Chicago. Alan has written a short message to his parents.

An envelope with artwork of a Chicago street scene. The envelope is addressed to Alan North's parents.

A leaflet for the planetarium in Chicago.

Alan writes thanking his parents for their letters. He is finding the navigation course troubling. He is planning to visit the States and he has not heard from Barbara for a while.

Alan writes that his course is pretty tough compared with Cambridge. He sailed across in a large luxury liner, the food was good. Chocolate, fruit and cigarettes were for sale in unlimited quantities. The sea became rough and many were sick. Then…

Alan writes about the slowness of mail from the UK. He has completed his exams and has done well. He has qualified as a pilot and completed air bombers and air gunner courses. He enjoyed Christmas. He travelled to Chicago and was impressed with the…

Harry joined the Royal Australian Air Force on 25 June 1942 as a wireless operator/air gunner and received his initial training in Australia before going to Canada for his trade training.

He sailed on the SS Johan Van Barneve to San Francisco and…

Two photographs from an album, titled New York, Feb 2nd 1944.
#1 is the Manhattan skyline taken from across the Hudson River.
#2 is the Statue of Liberty from the the deck of HMT Andes.

Three photographs from an album.
#1 is downtown Chicago with Mather Tower.
#2 is the Wrigley building and Chicago River.
#3 is a trackside view as the train rounded a bend. On the right are some huts, captioned 'French Canadian village en route to…

Four photographs from an album.
#1 and 2 are of a very large house, captioned '1025 W55th Mama Jenks home. Kansas City'.
#3 is an airman, captioned 'Sgt M Richardson PTI'.
#4 is a warehouse fire with firemen using a long ladder to pour water into…
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