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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Scotland--Fife"

Freddie Frederick volunteered for the Royal Air Force and did a course in Blackpool. He was posted to No. 12 Initial Training Wing at St Andrew, although was unsuccessful in his flying test. Freddie was then trained at RCAF Moncton in Canada and…

Gordon Topham was born in Salisbury, but his family settled in Norwich, Norfolk and he joined the Royal Air Force at the age of 17, qualifying as a flight engineer in July 1944. Gordon’s father used to drive steam wagons and was involved with…

Tom was born in Stainforth, near Doncaster. His father and two brothers were miners. One of his sisters was in the Auxiliary Territorial Service and the other was a qualified nurse; she became a sister in Barnsley Hospital until she joined the Army.…

David Wilkie was born in Edinburgh. He volunteered for the RAF and began training as a flight engineer. While training at St Athan he met his future wife, Kathleen. He was posted to 432 Squadron with a Canadian crew. He witnessed the gathering of the…

Letter to Joyce Donaldson from his aunt Nettie. Writes she has heard about David's Distinguished Service Order and asks her to pass on congratulations. Describes her current activities, weather and local area of St Andrew's.

Flight Sergeant K. Watson’s RAF Navigator’s, Air Bomber’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book, from 5th October 1943 to 23rd December 1953, detailing training and operations as a Flight Engineer. Also includes post-war duties with Coastal…

Head and shoulders portrait of man wearing tunic with navigator brevet and side cap. Captioned 'Sgt Jock Adamson (Burntisland-Fife), Navigator'.

A brief biography of Thomas Thomson covering his years in the RAF and after.

Aircraft engine with other pieces of mangled metal lying on grass in foreground. Other pieces of wreckage scattered about. Three men standing in distance. On the reverse 'Spitfire L.P. 85, RAF Leuchars/48'.

Introduces Michael G Hanson an RAF reservist and tells of time sailing before stating training. Covers elementary and advanced training before joining 233 Squadron at RAF Leuchars on Hudson. Relates life on the station, in local area and on maritime…

Addressed dear sweetheart. Disappointed about leave and catches up with news of friends and general state of war. Continues with gossip and talk of friends. Mentions that it must have been a thrill for her to see King and Queen and continues with…

Left - two airmen both wearing tunics with sergeant rank and pilot's brevet sitting on steps either side of a naval rating. Captioned 'Don and friends at Leuchars'.
Right - a toddler standing leaning with hands against wall. Captioned 'Don's little…

A white, detached, shirt collar with names and addresses.


Nine airmen, including Jack, standing on a stone stairway at the back of Rusacks Hotel, St. Andrews. They are dressed in Sidcot suits, flying boots and flying helmets.

Identification kindly provided by Stefan Clarke, Colin Patchett and Emma Vick…

A group of trainee airmen marching in The Links, St Andrews. Rusacks Hotel partially visible on the right.

Identification kindly provided by Alastair Disley of the Unidentified photos of the British Isles Group.

A large group of airmen wearing tunics and side caps sitting and standing in three rows. Centre front row is an officer wearing peaked cap. In the background a building with open windows.

Occasional daily inputs. Mentions going to Lords (initial aircrew) in July, Leuchars for training in late July then back to London. Mentions some flying experiences in November.

Gives synopsis of locations in 1941. July 7th to London, London to Leuchars July 26, leave October 3rd, returned to London from Leuchars October 17th, left London for Clyffe Pypard November 22. Leave December 13, became engaged December 16th. Left…

Gives personal details, dates of service as airman and recommended for commission 26/7/43. Lists postings for training and to 9 Squadron. Mustered as pilot, then observer and navigator.

An autobiography of Jim Taylor's time in the RAF before the war. He spent time training with Oliver Bell, who is recorded in the memoir.

Group of fourteen airmen wearing tunics and side caps. One sitting in front, three kneeling and ten standing in two rows. On the reverse '9 West-End road billets - left to right, Inglis - Penicuik, Reid - Cardenden, Hay - Glasgow, White - Hawick,…

Royal Air Force airmen, some seated and some standing with a sign reading "ST. ANDREWS -1st OCT. 1941" "No. 3 SQUADRON -'D' FLIGHT."
The reverse of the photograph reads: "br 6L ASPring".
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