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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Saskatchewan--Swift Current"

View of street running bottom to top with two story buildings either side. There are cars parked on both sides and people on sidewalks and crossing road in the distance. On the reverse 'Swift Current, Nov 1941, Central Ave'.

Top left - street with buildings/shops either side and cars parked at curbs. Top right - view over town with residential houses. Snow on the ground. Bottom left - railroad tracks with steam train coming towards. Commercial buildings beyond tracks.…

Two airmen in flying suits standing in snow embracing on a step in front of the door to a building. On the reverse 'Bill + Lucy, 32 EFTS, Swift Current Nov 1941'.

Top left - air to ground view of town with starboard wing. Captioned 'above Swift Current'. Top right - air t o ground view of open country. Captioned 'the experimental farm'. Middle left - air to ground view of open countryside with river. Captioned…

Top left - road with telegraph poles on left side going into the distance with entrance on left with sign 'Royal Air Force [.......]'. Top right road running into the distance with single story huts either side. An airman is walking way from camera…
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