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Some personal data and a list of operations with heights. Entries for flying days, Operations January to April 1945, Mentions leave, birthdays, train times, days out, events, news of friends and acquaintances, meetings and parties, hospital…

Two firing tanks are crossing the bridge. Five men are jumping into the river, whilst others are being killed and are throwing their guns into the air. On the bank to the left of the bridge, men are advancing behind the tanks, whilst on the opposite…

James Burdin went at Hutton Grammar School and worked on radio repair and sales. He volunteered for the Royal Air Force but had to wait and joined the Local Defence Volunteers instead. He did some rifle practice, general infantry training and…

Vertical aerial photograph of Emmerich. The Rhine is at the top left. Some smoke and explosions are visible next to the Rhine River.
Captioned '6348 [undecipherable] 1000 [undecipherable] Emmerich [undecipherable] L460'.

Jack Harris was born in Gillingham, Kent. At sixteen, he undertook employment as a clerk in the intelligence department of the Air Ministry. He describes the brief evacuation of his department to Harrow in 1939 and receiving permission to leave his…

From Reg to his mum describing climbing hills close to where Hitler was in residence, a boat trip on the Rhine, visit to a farm, sightseeing, being homesick and not enjoying the food.

Peter was born in Coventry. Although in the army, Peter was stationed on RAF airfields and joined the Royal Warwickshire Regiment in October 1938, aged 16, transferring to the Royal Artillery. He then joined the Army Air Corps (AAC) and was part of…

A boat tied up beside a jetty with a sign for Bad-Ems. Behind are more boats, a pontoon bridge and a low hill with Schloss Stolzenfels.

Aerial oblique of Cologne with the cathedral in the centre. Behind is the Rhine and a destroyed bridge. Many of the buildings are damaged. Captioned 'Cologne "The Rhine Crossing" 1945'.

Reconnaissance photograph of bridge. A river runs bottom left to top right and a metal arch bridge from top left to bottom right. There are a few buildings in the top left along with bomb craters. Ther are a few buildings and a railway line at the…

Photographs 1, 3 and 5 show damage to buildings on the riverside.
Photograph 2 is a low level oblique photograph of Cologne, with bomb damaged Hohenzollern Bridge.
Photograph 4 is a low level oblique photograph of Wesel with bomb damaged…

Photograph 1 and 2 are of two airmen on a boat on the Rhine. Reginald George Cavalier is on the right in photograph 1. Captioned 'On the Rhine, Germany 5th Aug 1945'.
Photograph 3 is of one airman and three soldiers on a pontoon bridge across the…

Account of bombing targets near Paderborn and Bielefeld, benzol plants at Scholven and Osterfeld. Osterfeld is underlined. Pinpoint attack on targets. Captioned '22-2-45'.

Reports that the American Army has crossed the Rhine near Mainz and provides a summary of President Roosevelt’s report to the American Congress on the Yalta Conference: the need for Germany’s unconditional surrender; the nature of Germany’s…

Top left - a coxed four rowing boat alongside a jetty in river. Far back is tree lined. Top middle - three men in coats and hats sitting on the deck of a ship. Top right- taken from rear of a rowing boat looking up a rivers with four men in sitting…

Top left - village narrow street with multistory buildings. Top middle - rowing boat on shore with three people standing by it. Opposite bank has hills. Top right - three men sitting round a restaurant table with two standing at the back in front of…

Three headlines: premier reports: Nazi army cracking, collapse expected in next few weeks: Cologne captured and over the Rhine with tanks. Photograph of Cologne city centre with Cathedral on left and collapsed bridge over river in centre right.

Three photographs of Cologne Cathedral and damaged bridge over the Rhine.

Two airmen in the cockpit of an aircraft.
Additional information supplied with collection:

Black and white landscape photograph of aircraft (probably Short Stirling) cockpit in flight with two crew, probably pilot and co-pilot.

Submitted with…

In the foreground is the destroyed Südbrücke Hamm railway bridge with four spans over the Rhine. The Düsseldorf suburb of Hamm is partially visible. The Südbrücke is in the distance, also destroyed.

Identification kindly provide by Mariano…

13 photographs showing bomb damage and aircraft.
Three photographs of Dortmund residential areas. Only skeletons of buildings are remaining.
Heavily bombed Krupp works
Four bombs in flight
Hamm Railway bridge. In the foreground is the destroyed…

An oblique aerial photograph of Cologne, showing destroyed bridges, submitted with caption; “Damage to bridges over the Rhine.”

Top - oblique aerial photograph of a city with roads running left to right, the nearest one being tree lined and many damaged buildings
Bottom - oblique aerial photograph with the river Rhine running left to right and buildings including chimneys…

Top - a note referring to a missing photograph.
Bottom - oblique aerial photograph of Emmerich with the Rhine running top left to middle right. St. Martini church on near bank and a pontoon bridge across the Rhine. Captioned 'a town on the river…

Oblique aerial photograph of a city with river running left to right with destroyed bridge. Cathedral and railway station on near bank. Submitted with caption 'Cologne Cooks tour'. River is river Rhine, destroyed and collapsed railway bridge is the…
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