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J A Dellow’s Pilot’s Flying Log Book covering the period from 6 January 1942 to 28 May 1942. Detailing his flying training as Pilot. He was stationed at RCAF Goderich (12 EFTS). Aircraft flown in was Tiger Moth.

An oblique aerial photograph of Goderich and Maitland River with Menesetung Bridge.

Identification kindly provided by Andrew Gordon of the Finding the location WW1 & WW2 Facebook group, and by Fynn Titford-Mock, with additional backing by Richard…

Alan writes that he has received the cigarettes that had been sent. He wishes his family well.

He says that his cables have been received, take no risks and 12 more days at this station.

Alan hopes he survived the raid and sends Easter greetings.

He asks if his father received his cable last week. Handwritten is an address in Goderich and 'Hearty congratulations. Letter posted. Cables rec'd'.

Alan says he is fine and was not involved in a crash examination.


Alan writes that his father's cable has been received.

Alan asks if all is well.

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The first photograph is a low oblique aerial view of a quarry and industrial buildings. In the foreground is a railway siding with freight trucks. In the background are houses. Captioned 'The Salt of the Earth'. The second photograph has a steam…

A view of grain silos with two ships alongside. In the background is a low wooded hill with buildings.

The edge of Goderich, Ontario with a sports ground. On the left is the coast line. The town is very regular, being in the form of a grid. At the top is an industrial area.

Vertical aerial photograph of Goderich, Ontario. The central feature is a building and wood with a circular road, from this other roads radiate like spokes. Other roads form a grid like pattern. There are many trees. At the bottom is a port area and…

A low oblique aerial photograph of Goderich grain silos. In the foreground are railway sidings with freight wagons. The sidings extend behind the grain silos. There is a harbour area with a small island between the first sidings and the silos. In…
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