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Nine photographs showing a ferry and Niagra Falls, captioned 'Ferry from Toronto to Niagara' and a colour postcard of the Falls.
Telegram date stamped 21 June 1942 giving Keith Tompson's father his new address, No1 Manning Depot, Toronto.

Three identical photos of 14 airmen arranged in two rows. One is eating a banana, several are drinking tea and others are holding bananas and oranges.
Jack Jones is front row, third from right.

#1 On the reverse -
'Would you like an orange mum…

Royal Canadian Air Force flying log book for aircrew other than pilot for A H G Dicker, covering the period from 4 July 1944 to 30 April 1953. Detailing his flying training, post war duties with 205 squadron, 52 squadron, 203 squadron and instructor…

The first photograph is an aerial photograph looking at cirrus and convection cumulous clouds. Captioned ' Above the clouds. Cirrus & Convection Cumulous'. The second is a low angle aerial photograph of Collingwood, Ontario. The town and its docks…

Eight photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a view of the train and carriages as it rounds a bend, captioned 'Ontario'.
Photo 2 is an engine coming on the other line, viewed from the carriage window.
Photo 3 is a Canadian Pacific locomotive,…

Eight aircrew students, in uniform,with LAC rank badges and aircrew training flashes in their hats, standing outside Picton Post Office. Captioned 'Fellow aircrew students outside post Office, Picton, Ontario, Canada. Photo summer 1942.

Top left - head and shoulders image of an airman wearing greatcoat and side cap. Top right - head and shoulders image of an airman wearing flying suit with door in the background. Centre middle - a woman in a dress sitting on steps of a brick…


A.W. Green’s RCAF Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book, from 14th January 1941 to 19th June 1942, detailing training and operations as a Navigator. He was stationed at RCAF Base Port Albert (No. 1 Air navigation School), Canadian Forces…

Scenes of American transport. The first is a truck at the side of a snowy road. A corporal is about to enter the passenger side. On its front above the cab is 'Knaust Bros Inc Mushrooms'. Captioned ' Airmans Special Alec Wood somewhere between Albany…


Written from Trenton, Ontario when Keith Thompson had just started his training, saying that he had just been on leave and was enjoying himself.

Front view of an Avro York with starboard undercarriage collapsed in the snow. On the reverse 'Me in flat cap extreme right of photo Ottawa 1946 MW102 Prime Minister's a/c Passenger: J Strachey Minister of Food'.

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Close up of the collapsed starboard undercarriage of an Avro York, in the snow. On the reverse 'Ottawa 1946'.


A vertical aerial photograph centred on a road bridge. It is a single span over the Big Otter Creek. In the bottom left is an industrial area with railway sidings and an engine turntable. There are docks with one small ship.
In the corner is 'P 8'…

An enlargement of a group of trainees including Bill Gracie from the RCAF School Aero Engine Division, Galt. Information supplied with the collection states 'Bill aged 19 during his training at Galt Aircraft School during February to July 1941. Bill…


Blue pennant with Royal Canadian Air Force badge and Trenton.

An oblique view of Brantford aerodrome captioned 'No 5 SFTS Brantford -1942'. The ground is snow covered.

A row of huts described as 'Brantford Billets'. There is a little snow on the ground with evidence of thawing.

A row of buildings used as billets at RCAF Brantford. The ground is covered in melting snow.

Three articles about reprisals against British prisoners of war if German prisoners are fettered. Claims that Germans captured at Dieppe were chained. First: More British prisoners to be chained, fiercer German threats, Italians join the plot,…

Top left - view down a valley of a distant inlet. Captioned 'Port Arthur, Lake Superior, Canada, 42'.
Top right - an airman wearing tunic standing in front of a railway track with train behind. Other figures in the distance right. Captioned 'Phil at…

Two cartoons by Ricky published in the RCAF Wings magazine.
In the first, men in a billet are arguing about having the window open. In the second, there is a rush to use the ablutions in the morning.

A large building, six storeys high, complete with dormer windows in the roof. In the foreground are three men in hats facing away from the camera. There is snow on the ground but the road has been cleared.

A card sent to Dos and Marj from Jack.
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