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Writes that he is fine and well but putting on weight. Promises account of Niagara Falls when he has had some photographs available. [Missing page 2]. Writes about journey to Niagara and activities once at the Falls with descriptions. Relates stay at…

Peter was born in Nelson, Lancashire and had two brothers. He was sixteen when he left school in 1940 and got a job until joining the Royal Air Force in 1943. He went to London Air Crew Reception Centre before going to Initial Training Wing at RAF…

A permit allowing Keith to travel to the United States.

Peter's account of his early days training in Canada then his return across the Atlantic to Scotland.

A postcard of Niagara Falls from Reg to his parents.

Niagara Falls views. The first is a clear view of Niagara Falls. Captioned 'January 1942'. The second is a view of the Falls framed by a tree, captioned 'Niagara Falls September 1941'. The third is a view of the Falls through buildings with long…

Falls views. The first is of Horseshoe Falls, captioned 'Horseshoe Falls'. The second is of the Horseshoe Falls and is not captioned. The third is a view of the falls framed by a doorway, captioned 'Niagara Falls'. The fourth is a view of the…

On the right Reg Jaques wearing tunic and side cap leans on a metal barrier. On the left another airman in tunic and side cap leans on the same barrier. Between them a sign reading 'International Boundary Line' and exhibiting crests for the USA and…

Six airmen including Peter Hattersley in a three quarter length portrait. They are standing by a fence with the Canadian Horseshoe falls behind them.

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Nine photographs showing a ferry and Niagra Falls, captioned 'Ferry from Toronto to Niagara' and a colour postcard of the Falls.
Telegram date stamped 21 June 1942 giving Keith Tompson's father his new address, No1 Manning Depot, Toronto.

Seven airmen arranged in a row. Their names are listed in a caption above. On the image is annotated 'LMG. 125. F/O Plyley. 427'

Ten postcards of Niagara Falls.
Photo 1 is the Rainbow Bridge.
Photo 2 is the Canadian falls.
Photo 3 is the Oakes garden with the falls in the background.
Photo 4 is the edge of the Horseshoe Falls.
Photo 5 is the aerial car over the Whirlpool…

15 photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is three airmen looking at the falls.
Photo 2 is the Horseshoe falls.
Photo 3 is the American falls.
Photo 4 and 8 are four airmen sitting on a stone wall by the falls.
Photo 5 is two cars at the falls car…


Six photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a man and woman. The man is in uniform and is seated. The woman is holding a vase of flowers.
Photo 2 is two photographs joined to make a landscape of Niagara falls.
Photo 3 is seven airmen and a woman at…


View across a road of waterfalls. Captioned 'American Falls Niagara'.

Left - looking down on rapids from cable car with cliffs on far side. Right looing down on rapids with cliffs on far side. Captioned 'Whirlpool Rapids from the Spanish Aero-Car'.

Top - view of falls in the middle distance. Titled 'Niagara'. Bottom - view of falls in the middle distance. Captioned 'Canadian Horse Shoe Falls'.

Page captioned 'Niagra Falls New York State, U.S.A. June 1943. Six photographs, first is of a group of individuals standing on rocks, captioned 'Getting wet with the Falls behind us'.
Second is of the tour boat below the Falls, captioned 'Maid of…

Two photographs of Niagra Falls, both captioned 'Niagra Falls from the air June 1943'.
The first is of a large wide body of water cascading over the edge with large buildings close by, captioned 'The American Falls with Niagra Falls, New york State…

Two album pages, both captioned 'Niagra Falls June 1943'.
The first has four photographs.
The first two are at the base of the Falls, looking at a pile of rocks with the Falls in the background, captioned 'American Falls by Goat Island, taken…

Distant view of waterfall with foliage bottom right. On the reverse '[..]E SHOE FA[..]'.
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