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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "New Brunswick--Moncton"

The three men are trainees and are standing at a railway crossing.
On the reverse 'Fred, Bill & Jeff. On the lines by the base at Moncton, May 42'.

Two airmen sitting on a wooden fence.
On the reverse 'Moncton, Ontario [sic], Canada'.

Three airmen sitting on a fence and all posing with pipes.
On the reverse 'Moncton, Ontario, Canada'.

The photograph on the top left of the left page shows a steam train at a train station. Snow can be scene covering the scene. The photograph is captioned with "MONCTON STATION ALL ABOARD FOR THE STATES."
The photograph on the top right on the left…

The top left photograph on the left page shows accommodation huts. Snow is on the ground.
The top right photograph on the left page shows snow covering the ground with the accommodation huts in the background.
The bottom centre photograph on the…

The bottom left image on the left page shows a six men. Three men on the back and the man in the centre are in uniform. The men on the bottom right and left ae sitting wearing shorts. The caption reads "THE LADS".
The centre image on the left page…

12 photographs from an album.
#1 a group of trainees arranged in four rows, captioned ' 'C' flight ISQD 13 ITW Torquay (1943)'
#2 is a head and shoulders portrait of Robert Wilfred Hawkes with a trainees cap.
#3 is three trainee airmen standing…

Gives personal details, dates of service as airman and recommended for commission 26/7/43. Lists postings for training and to 9 Squadron. Mustered as pilot, then observer and navigator.

Top left - view across wide river. Captioned 'St Lawrence river'.
Top right - view along railway track. Captioned 'single track from Moncton to Trenton'.
Bottom left - man reclining wearing striped pyjamas holding a bottle of beer. Captioned…

The four men are standing in the snow. On the reverse 'Moncton. Maurice far right others unknown 1942 so returning to UK'.

Maurice standing in front of a railway carriage belonging to Canadian National. On the reverse 'On the way up from the States'.
On a second copy of the reverse is added 'Maurice. Training complete on the way back to MonctonCanada [sic] for return…

13 airmen in front of a wooden hut. Jack is top row, extreme right. On the reverse is 'Moncton Haphazard Snaps'.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Title 'Canada, Moncton NB'.
Caption left side - 'Typical railroad station'.
Left - steam locomotive on tracks with two men in front. Top centre - front view of a steam locomotive with buildings to the right. Bottom centre - view across multiple…

Two air-to-air photographs of Ansons in flight, first an Anson is quite close and the left engine cowling of the camera aircraft is visible, captioned 'Ansons in formation'.
The second is of an Anson banking away from the camera aircraft, captioned…

Page captioned 'Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. September 1943. Five photographs, first shows two RAF aircrew officers standing in front of a car parked in front of a house, captioned Alan and I alongside Dr Lundie's car'.
Second shows a family…


Row of buildings in snow with trees in the foreground. Titled 'Moncton'.

Best wished for Christmas and new year.

A camp scene of a road with wooden huts and in the distance a bunch of airmen. On the reverse 'Piccadilly Moncton'.

A view of the optical illusion at Moncton Hill. A sign identifies the location and suggests how to appreciate the illusion.

Blue pennant with RAF Badge at Moncton, N.B.

Top left - group of airmen waiting on platform of train station. Top right - Side view of a train with people alongside. Centre middle - View down residential street with snow covered ground. Bottom left - ornamental reindeer and slay outside a house…

Top left - view down a snow covered road.
Top right - snow covered countryside.
Centre middle - Saint George’s Anglican Church, Moncton with snow covered ground.
Bottom left - view down Main Street Moncton.
Bottom right -view vertically up…
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