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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Middle East--Palestine"

Air-to-air view of a Spitfire with the designation GZ-V. The canopy is open, and the pilot is visible looking towards the camera. The landscape below is partly obscured by clouds. Captioned ‘Over Palestine F/O ‘Dinger’ Bell’.

Top left - view of a harbour with ships and buildings in the background. Captioned 'Famagusta Harbour Cyprus'. Top right two ships in the middle distance taken from a ship. In the foreground a group of men and a hawser. Captioned 'Ships in Haifa…

Photo 1 - a night street scene, captioned 'Cairo Street en route to Palestine May 1946'.

Photo 2 - Denis sitting in uniform on a ship's railing. On a building is graffiti reading 'Nelson look at your heirs'. Above is the caption…

A street scene dominated by a three storey bell tower. In the front is a car and a pedestrian.

Head and shoulders portrait of Jack, captioned 'Tel Aviv Palestine - July 1942 based at Aqir'. Reverse captioned 'To the best little darling in the world Jack xxx'.

Six newspaper cuttings.
Left - headlines 'Lincoln flight sergeant is prisoner of war'. Gives some details of family.
Middle, two cuttings concerning news that Scott was promoted and to his Air Training Corps Squadron that he was prisoner of war.…

Top left - view looking down from aircraft of a city below. Captioned 'Tel Aviv, Palestine from 10,000 ft'.
Top right - view of secluded garden with trees and building in background. Captioned '"little bit of heaven" at Shaibah, behind officer's…


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