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A group of people at the Wailing Wall

A street scene with four pedestrians and three church domes. On the reverse 'Jerusalem, Via Dolorosa'.

Two airmen in khaki uniform standing beside the Wailing Wall.

An account by Ted Neale of his training in South Africa, subsequent further training in Jerusalem, crew selection and transfer to Italy. He relates early experiences on operations - including Shederevo oil refinery - and losing a Wellington to enemy…

Interior of a church identified on the reverse as 'Jerusalem Scourging Chapel'.

A large building on a low hill identified on the reverse 'Jerusalem Rockefeller Mus. of Palestine Archaeology'.

Left page.

Three photograph panorama of a city. Captioned 'Jerusalem - before British troops left'.

Underneath - a town nestled amongst low hills. Captioned 'Palestine village'.

Right page.

Title 'Southampton university rag day rugby…


A market view. On the reverse 'Jerusalem. Suk or market of spices'.

A list of 12 photographs contained in the album

The entrance to the War Cemetery framed by a stone gateway. On the reverse 'Jerusalem, War Cemetery'.

Album cover for Jerusalem photographs. It features the Citadel of David and is thus captioned.

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A view over Jerusalem. On the reverse 'Jerusalem, General View'.

A stone wall with a gated entrance. There are some Arabs standing outside. On the reverse 'Jerusalem, Jaffa Gate'.

WoolgarR (Pesaro).jpg
Reg Woolgar was born in Hove. He volunteered for the Royal Air Force in December 1939 and trained as a wireless operator/air gunner. He flew Hampdens with 49 Squadron. His aircraft was damaged by anti-aircraft fire on a mine laying operation to Oslo…

Jack Millin was working for his father as a painter and decorator before he volunteered for the RAF. He was a Civil Defence bicycle messenger and joined the ATC. When he joined the RAF he trained as a wireless operator/air gunner and was posted to…

A hillside with farms and houses. On the reverse 'Garden of Gethsemane'.

A partially ruined stone building identified on the reverse as 'Jerusalem Citadel of David'.

A church framed by an archway. On the reverse' Jerusalem, Church of the Redeemer'.

Inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. On the reverse 'Jerusalem. Interior of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre'.


The exterior of a church identified as the Church of Gesthemane on the reverse.

Cavalry Altar with two priests in attendance. On the reverse 'Jerusalem Cavalry Altar'.

An album cover for a collection of external and internal views of different churches in Jerusalem.

Photo 1 is the exterior of a church
Photo 2 is a church interior
Photo 3 is an ornate church interior
Photo 4 is an ornate altar
Photo 5 is a close up of the altar
Photo 6 is a case holding five lamps
Photo 7 is a church exterior
Photo 8 is a…
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