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Interview in two parts.
Part one.
Chris Allison served as a flight engineer. He answers questions from school children about what it was like to fly in a Lancaster.
Also taking part in this interview was Tony Bradley who was a child in Hull…

Personal flying log book for Robert 'Bob' Keeling. Covers the period 8 August 1956 to 17 November 1963 during which time Bob was a civilian pilot with Hunting Aero Survey.

Five photographs from an album.
#1 is Jimmy, seated, and smoking a cigar. He is in khaki and shorts.
#2 is an airman in khaki and shorts standing on grass. Behind is a metal fence.
#3 is an airman smoking a cigar. he is seated and dressed in khaki…


Henry Townsley was born near Workington and left school at fourteen years of age and started work as an apprentice vehicle fitter. After a spell as a junior engineer in the Merchant Navy he volunteered, in April 1940, for the RAF, rather than the…
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