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Record of training navigation star and sun sights from ground and air between April 1943 and February 1944. Locations April to July 1943 at 24 bombing gunnery and navigation school at Moffat Southern Rhodesia on Anson aircraft. December 1943 at No 23…

Target photograph of open countryside. Road runs bottom middle zig-zag to middle right. Bomb explosion bottom middle. Captioned '2091, 104/25, 17/18 Nov 44, F8, NT, 7700 ft,→ 300 degrees, 21.03, Vicenza, A/O. E, 9x500, 3x250 MkIII 20, F/O Chadwick.…

N I Powell’s Flight Engineer’s Flying Log Book covering the period from 9 August 1944 to 25 April 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as flight engineer. He was stationed at RAF St Athan (4 School of Technical Training, RAF…

Details of two operations to Trento and Vicenza. List crews and gives some details of sortie. Reports on bombing and combats seen. Two versions of the same document.

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Target photograph showing tracer lines and explosion. Captioned
2716, 104/76 18/19 MAR45. F8. N.T.//9,300' →[redacted] VICENZA
C 4x1000. 8x500. MkIII 24. F/O WARD (F/O SCOTT B/A) P.

Two poor quality copies of target photographs of Trento and Vicenza. Neither have any discernible ground detail and only glare and tracer trails can be seen. The upper image is captioned:
2829 104/90. 8/9.APR.45. F8". NT. //9.500 → [redacted]…

A thirteen page collection of target photographs and sortie reports.

Page 1: Vertical aerial target photograph of Argenta. Some roads, houses and open fields are visible in the upper half of the image. There are also canals, rail tracks or roads…
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