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For both operations, lists crew. For Verona reports route markers seen and visually aiming bombs and bursts seen on markers. For supply drop visually identified target, containers aimed at target, all chutes opened. Good concentration. Two versions…

Top left - airman wearing battledress standing by gate in wooden fence with house in the background. Captioned '?'. Top left/centre - man wearing civilian jacket and tie by the fuselage of a York. Captioned 'Postwar ? Cosford'. Top right/centre -…

Top left - seven aircrew wearing battledress with brevet, three sitting on bench and four standing behind. Captioned 'We band of brothers'. Top right - airman wearing flying helmet in right hand seat of cockpit. Captioned 'Skipper please let me have…

Top left - B-24 parked on airfield, captioned '104 a/c Foggia 45'. Top right - air-to-air view looking down on B-24 with bombs falling. Captioned 'Bomb hit B-24 but plane survives, not our plane, taken in 44'. Middle left - three airmen two wearing…

Vertical aerial target photograph of Trento. The image shows open countryside but most ground details are obscurred by cloud or smoke. Some roads and buildings are visible.
The photograph is captioned:
2789 104/86 2/3 APR 45. F8 N.T.//9.500'…

Target photograph showing town streets and explosions centre and bottom centre. Captioned '2698 104/71 11/12 Mar 45 F8 NT//8000 ft 240 degrees Verona, D 4x1000, 8x500 Mk III 22 F/O Ward (F/O Scott B/A) P.'.

Aerial vertical target photograph of Brescia, orientated with south west at the top edge. The image shows
good detail of the town's streets with the distinctive cemetery of Cimitero Vantiniano in the centre. In the upper centre is a glare from a…

Vertical aerial target photograph of Trento. Some ground details, mainly roads, are visible as is open countryside. In the upper part are several light trails from ordnance. It is captioned:
2829 104/90. 8/9-APR-45. F8". NT.//9,500'.→[redacted]…

Target photograph showing fields in top half and town and roads below. Straight lines running top left to middle right are the River Reno and beyond it, the wider Canale Della Botte. Tracer lines in bottom left and explosions left and right bottom.…

Target photograph showing tracer lines and explosion. Captioned
2716, 104/76 18/19 MAR45. F8. N.T.//9,300' →[redacted] VICENZA
C 4x1000. 8x500. MkIII 24. F/O WARD (F/O SCOTT B/A) P.

View down on Sorrento harbour with breakwater on left with small boat tied up alongside. Top of building bottom right with trees. Open sea beyond with some land in distance top right.

View looking down Grand Hotel with curving coastline in the distance, cliffs and buildings.

Identification kindly provided by Riccardo Ricci of the 'In viaggio tra le culture del mondo' Facebook group.

Half length image of two airmen wearing battledress with half brevet and sergeant rank sitting on wall with sea background. Norman Powell on right. Behind are sea cliffs with buildings at base and on top.

Identification kindly provided by Moos…

Two airmen wearing battledress with half brevet sitting on a wall with beach and sea behind. Norman Powell on right. In the distance sea cliffs with buildings on top and in the far distance mountains.

Identification kindly provided by Moos…


Air-to-air view looking down at B-24 KK320/Vwith smoke issuing from port inner engine from which the propeller is missing. Below is Panzano Bagni coastline and Monfalcone docks with smoke and explosions. The entrance to the Canale Navigabile is just…

Daylight vertical aerial photograph of an operation in progress on Porto Monfalcone with Solvay works and CRDA facilities, orientated with West at the upper edge. The ground detail is clear and explosions and smoke cover much of the port itself with…

An airmen pointing to the words 'sunny Italy' traced in snow on the side of a snow covered Spitfire. On the reverse 'Foggia Main, Jan 45'.


Oblique aerial photograph of part of the town showing Palazzo degli Uffici Statali with Palazzo degli Studi further out. In the upper left corner is an area of open ground while in the right upper corner there is a large arrangement of buildings.…

Large two story building in town with square in front. Car and motor bike parked in front and people walking in street. Sign over door 'Garrison Theatre'. On the reverse 'Foggia'.

A large three story building with double floor windows above doorways. Sign on front 'Palazzo Degli Studi, NAAFI - EFI, other ranks club'. On the reverse 'EFI Foggia'.

Two airmen, one standing, the other sitting in a large room with palms in pots and scattered arm chairs. Sign for restaurant and toilets. On the reverse 'EFI Foggia'.

View down on open square with trees and war memorial in centre of Piazza Lanza. On either side town buildings leading to street in distance. On the reverse 'Foggia'.

Four story building on street corner in town. Sign above door 'The Malcolm Club RAF'. On the reverse 'Foggia'.

View across open ground of a town with tower in the centre. On the reverse 'Foggia, looking across dispersal area'.

A road runs bottom right to left middle, south west of Foggia airport. On the far side a camp with tents and buildings. Mountains in the far distance. On the reverse '104 Sqn camp'.

Identification kindly provided by Andrew Gordon of the Finding…
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