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Photo 1 is a three storey house by the coast
Photo 2 is a beach scene
Photo 3 are houses and gardens
Photo 4 is schoolchildren outside a building marked 'Colonia'
Photo 5 is schoolchildren and woods outside the Colonia.

'Tre Archi' archway framing children and pedestrians in a street in Foggia. On the reverse 'Foggia Archway into Market Place'.

Detail of Gennaro Maldarelli's fresco 'Tancredi rinvia Costanza d'Altavilla a suo marito Enrico VI". A king and queen surrounded by soldiers, courtiers and children. On the reverse is 'Cathedral' [sic].

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Altar of the Fatherland with US Army cars and others in front. On the reverse 'The Kings Palace Naples'.

Pilots flying log book for J Barnes, covering the period from 10 December 1940 to 6 march 1946 and 24 September 1948 to 2 march 1951. Detailing his flying training, Instructor duties, operations flown and post war flying duties. He was stationed at…

An ornate staircase with marble sculptures and statues. There is a domed roof with further ornamentation.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by Giusi Sartoris.

A view across Naples Bay with Mount Vesuvius in the background. In the foreground are small fishing boats. On the reverse 'Naple [sic] Bay'.

Three figures on a plinth surrounded by a stone balustrade with an inward looking statue on each corner. It is in the grounds of the Police Barracks. On the reverse 'Foggia'.

A busy market scene with a lot of people and market stalls. On the reverse 'Foggia Market Place'.

A street with double tram lines. There are many pedestrians and in the distance, on top of a hill, is Castel Sant Elmo.

A street scene with the Madonna della Libera shrine in the distance. No pedestrians.

Rodi Garganico seen from the railway near the sea. In front is a sandy beach.

Destroyed buildings, on the reverse 'Casino [sic]'.

A ruined structure with a statue, there are several stone columns.

The Coliseum with several pedestrians in front.

Large building with three flagpoles outside. On the reverse 'The Post Office, Naples'.

Rowing and fishing boats, rows of apartments and a stone jetty at the seafront of Naples.

A B-24 seen from the front and side with its engines running. Behind is a Wellington aircraft. On the reverse 'Liberator taken at Cerignola with the Wimpey in the background'.

Side view of a row of several C-47s. On the reverse 'Dakotas removing the wounded to base in Italy'.


Four images of volcanic eruptions taken from the air and two of lava flow in a street.

Piazza XX Settembre with San Francesco Saverio church.
On the reverse 'Foggia View from Malcolm Club'.

Church tower of the Virgin of the Rosary of Pompeii.

A street scene of an Italian village. In the foreground one of the buildings has a hammer and sickle painted by the door. There are several people standing around. The street runs up the hill. On the reverse 'Ariano South of [undecipherable]'

A cobbled road with ruined buildings at the sides, near the fountain of Mercury

Pillars and stones in a ruined condition.
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