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Written from India. Mentions it is her wedding anniversary and hope John and her daughter will have similar length happy marriage. Catches up with family news and asks after his current and future in flying. Writes of their future plans and staying…

Article 1. Headlines: the viceroy's term, Lord Linlithgow caries on, another six months, a record period. Concerns Lord Linlithgow remaining viceroy to India. Article 2. Headlines: Darlan a danger to allies, general Catroux's attack, non…

A telegram form L Shipman to John. Letter received, thank you. All well at home. God bless you and keep you safe.

A birthday greetings telegram to John from his mother. Keep smiling. Her thoughts are with him.

Intermittent record of John's time at RAF West Kirby then Blackpool for training. He covers the sail from Liverpool to Durban, then India, first Bombay then train to Karachi. Once established at RAF Mauripur he records his daily work and…

Five photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a family of eight.
Photo 2 is three men sitting on the steps of a house.
Photo 3 and 4 are seven men on deckchairs.
Photo 5 is three men in shorts, shirts and hats.
The last three photos are captioned…

Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is two men sitting on a fence, captioned 'Alf & Bob Simla/45'.
Photo 2 is a group of nine men and women, captioned 'Group at "Walterton", Simla/45'.
Photo 3 and 4 are five men ready to play tennis, captioned…


Five photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is six people round a funeral pyre, captioned 'Creamation' [sic]
Photo 2 is a monument captioned 'Gateway to India Bombay'.
Photo 3 is a man, plough and cow, captioned 'Farmer' and 'Ploughing'.
Photo 4 is a…

28 photographs from an album.
Titled 'Simla 1944'.
Photo 1 is a view of hillside from the train, captioned 'The Way Up'.
Photo 2 is another hillside view, captioned 'Showing Road'.
Photo 3 is a steam engine captioned'Engine in Station'.
Photo 4…

Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a dog, captioned 'Skippy'.
Photo 2 is two men on an elephant, captioned 'Whats this'.
Photo 3 is two carts being pulled by bullocks, captioned 'Bullock Cart'.
Photo 4 is a man leading two loaded camels,…


Four photographs from an album. One more is missing.
Photo 1 is an Indian lady carrying water on her head, captioned 'Pani Lao'.
Photo 2 is a native with a huge headdress pulling a rickshaw with two airmen, captioned 'Zulu & Rickshaw Durban'.…

Five photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is five men doing laundry, captioned 'Dhobi Ghats'.
Photo 2 is a brick building, captioned 'Latrines'.
Photo 3 is a monument, captioned 'War Memorial, Durban'.
Photo 4 is an officer with a large cup and…

Form 1581 issued to John with details of his pay.

A booklet with advice for military personnel. It describes briefly the geography of India, the railway system, weights and measures, postage rates, some Hindi words, health advice and sports.

A newsletter published by the Women's Voluntary Service, Simla

First article: Mr Ghandi and Congress Leaders arrested, swift government reply to challenge, safety of India first needed, several killed in Bombay riot. Second article: 3 landings in Solomons, U.S. Marines now consolidating, bitter naval fighting.…

Letter written by Bill from India to his parents telling them that he was coming home - leaving for Bombay tomorrow and should be home by March.

RAF Station Dum Dum's menu front and back cover. On the front a RAF badge and an image of the Victoria Memorial in Calcutta, the rear has image of the star and the three kings. The menu inside is illustrated and also has added signatures.

Christmas dinner menu from Sergeants Mess at RAF Station Dum Dum.

An audio account of an anti-aircraft gunner's service in Burma. Describes a B-24 crash landing near a small landing strip in Burma and discusses Spitfires burried in Burma.

Written from Bombay wishing family a good Christmas and New Year. Describes a little of life and weather in India. Catches up with news of family and friends. Continues with description of his situation in India,

To men and women of Bihar printed in English and three other languages announcing victory over Nazi Germany and that forces might now be sent against the Japanese. States that men of Indian Forces have fought gallantly in Africa, Europe and Asia.


Details pay and allowances for October and November 1945 from RAF base accountant officer Bombay

12 items on a page of a scrapbook.
Item 1 - photograph of an airman standing beside a monument, captioned 'Birt Littlewood Kandy Ceylon'.
Item 2 - photograph of an airman seated, captioned 'Birt Littlewood Kandy Ceylon' and 'Our leave at Queen's…
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